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  • Need an Article : Automatic Article Writing

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    There has always been a call for content on the internet. After all, that is what keeps the internet and the world economy going isn’t it? If it wasn’t for new content many businesses would simply go under. With this harsh truth, there is a serious problem. Many business owners cannot afford to write content for their own websites. Perhaps they could, but if they took the time to do so they would find themselves spending more time on articles than running the actual business. This would end in poor sales, which is something that no company can afford.

    Many business owners turned to PLR, or Private Label Rights articles. These worked well up to a point, but much of the work was being outsourced to writers outside the United States. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with such writers, but many of them are not completely fluent in the English language. Shoppers from America and other English speaking companies would not give any site a chance if it’s English was choppy, or the grammar poor.

    In the end, many people were forced to buy PLR articles and edit them to make sense, which again took quite a bit of time. But with every catastrophe, there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Something new popped up, and it wasn’t the standard PLR website that so many people had become accustomed to. No, this was different. This was Need an Article, a site started by my buddy Scott Foster.

    NAA began hiring writers to compose content for a very low price. The first thing that one might think is that a low priced website would have low quality. Amazingly enough, the quality of articles that come from the desks of NAA writers is top notch, and quite possibly the best anyone has ever seen on the internet. Why is this? Is it because the NAA staff has such high expectations of their writers? Is it because the writers genuinely care? It’s hard to tell because there has never been …read more

  • Leverage -Achieve Much More with the Same Effort

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    Hey guys, this is a guest post of my long time friend and a director extraordinaire. Having a background in technology, he was very easily able to utilize that skill set into successfully steering the success of his organization and its position in the global marketplace. Although this post does not specifically talk about Internet Marketing, it does give insight on how to utilize

  • The Emergence of Android Platform

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    If you

  • How to Maximize Your Online Marketing Campaign

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    In a tough economy, advertising budgets are the first to go. But while traditional print and other media may be cut, focusing on your online marketing campaign could be just what the doctor ordered (no not Dr. Oz).

    When it comes to online marketing, companies tend to design a website, and leave it at that, whereas their competition spend a lot of time and money making sure their websites are offering a great return on their investment. If you have a site designed, then leave it idle and stagnant, you are not making full use of your marketing potential

  • Trials and Tribulations of Success

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    As the year comes to a close, many of my readers have started to reach out and discuss their ideas of what success means to them and how they plan to achieve their goals come 2010. A good friend of mine – who also happens to be the TOP AM at AVG offered to write a guest post for my blog and wanted to share his learnings and findings with all of you. Sit back, relax and read below:

    I read your letter the other day about working hard, being tenacious and how every successful person has sacrificed to achieve their goal. Being an avid student of failure and succeeding in that endeavor more often than I can recount, I feel that I have a real life view of what you are saying. Being a student requires reading about all the others that have failed before me. So, at this point in my life I have a plethora of stories of just other people

  • Succeed in ( Affiliate Marketing ) in 2010

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    2010 is right around the corner and your future is wide open. While others may have you think you are insane, you and I both know that, even while the world around us is not looking so bright and cutting back, we can still charge full throttle towards our financial goals. Not sure I can say the same for Tiger Woods now