Trends in Affiliate Marketing

With the advancement of technology, people are getting closely connected and the globe is shrinking.From last year, social media commerce and other connectivity formation methods have been enhanced to improve communications on a more open environment, building trust, confidence and consequently boosting sales.

In 2010, new scientific know-hows like the pay-per-call and similar off-line monitoring activities are becoming the norm and practice, and because of this, bigger transactional opportunities will come into fore. With smart phones booming and taking center stage, together with swifter downloading, this year may be the year of remote selling and affiliate marketing specialists will be able to maximize this enormous and waiting market.

The year 2010 will also be witness to smart marketers over the Internet, regardless of size and magnitude, who have consolidated last year to be able to focus in establishing closer ties with their associate organizations and entities. Basically, in my mind 2010 will be an year of consolidation and strengthening of positions in the affiliate marketing arena.

What’s your thought?

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  1. 2010 is definitely the year that’s going to be rocking the internet. I see technology pushing affiliate marketing more into the mobile niche, resulting in expansion and more lucrative opportunities for all affiliate marketers. I think its something everybody should start exploring, especially those who like to conquer the game before others.

  2. As marketers look to grow their incremental traffic they will continue to look to affiliates and the channel will continue to grow. However, having the right technology that not only predicts trends but also can be reactive will determine the difference between profit and loss. The opportunity for affiliates will come from products with strong marketing presence off-line.

  3. Both of you raise very valid points and I am looking forward to what 2010 will bring. If the first 11 days of the year are any indication, we will see some amazing opportunities out there.

  4. If technology is the driving force for sales in 2010 and the technology is leading us to the more portable devices, do our campaigns have to be simpler? Will our customers be willing to read long messages or fill out a long form? Can we give them more of an incentive to get them to fill out the longer forms? What is the trend and how are we going to prepare for it’s arrival?

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