Celebrating Father's Day

Most of us think of our fathers as…well fathers. We don’t often stop to think of them as people in their own right or of the influence they had on the men and women we have become.

For most people, their father is just someone who is or was always there. Sometimes in the background of your life and sometimes taking front and center stage. He was just part and parcel of your growing up years.

Perhaps your father is the ultimate sportsman who taught you the love of fishing and camping and a love and respect for nature. A man who attended all your football, basketball, and baseball games teaching you that while winning was great it was how you played the game that really mattered. Perhaps, your father is quiet man who prefers the company of a book to most other people and who taught you a love for reading and gave you a thirst for knowledge. Perhaps, he is a simple and kind man who worked hard to support his family. Though he may not have finished school he was able to teach you lessons in honesty and fair play. Maybe, he taught you the meaning of a dollar and how to be thrifty, or how to enjoy each special moment in your life.

Just as each person is different so is each person’s relationship with their father. For some it may have been your father who you went to for advice, or perhaps, he was simply the person you could laugh with and share secrets with. Maybe there were times when you thought that your father did not notice your presence only to find that when you were hospitalized that he was the one who sat by your bedside all night refusing to go home because he did not want you to be alone. For many he was the courageous person who sat in the passenger seat that first day when you got your drivers permit.

There were plenty of times your father angered you by saying no to something you really wanted to do and it took you years to understand that saying no was as painful for him as it was for you but, he felt it was his duty to keep you safe or right the right path. Looking back you can see there were times when he was frightened for you, worried about you, and concerned for the choices you were making with your life yet, stood by you and was there to help you pick up the pieces to begin again.

There have probably been times when you have seen your father’s eye shine with pride for your accomplishments, gleam with unshed tears for your pain, and soften with love when he looked at you. Now you are an adult and looking back it easy to see how much your father gave to you, how much of himself he shared, and just how much he influenced the adult you have become. It is now time for you to take this opportunity on father’s day and every day to thank the man who has given you so much for so long without asking anything in return.

What are you most reminded of on this auspicious day?

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  1. Not only am I thankful to have a father who served our country, taught me how to have tough skin but a soft heart, but I’m also thankful to have others to act in his stead…Mentors, bosses, coaches, teachers etc…To everyone who has influenced me in anyway imaginable and been a part of my growing up and gaining new knowledge. Thank you. :)

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