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  • Trends in Search Marketing : Ricky Ahuja

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    Over the past few years, Search Engine Marketing has gone from experimental business technique to must-have marketing program for businesses worldwide. It’s also one of the fastest evolving marketing channels with new discovery of methods, ideologies, and techniques that are implemented on nearly a daily basis. Ricky Ahuja, CEO and partner in Affiliate Venture Group out of Richmond, Virgina, stops by and explains what has happened in the search marketing industry and where he sees it going in the future.

    During the course of the last few years, online business ventures have been doing all they can to generate sales. With the recession looming, they have attempted different forms of marketing to help increase sales, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become one of the most popular choices for many of these companies. In a sixteen billion dollar industry, search engine providers have created an easy way to help individuals looking to buy new products and services.

    Keeping this in mind, Search Engine Marketing has given a great way to improved online sales, but in recent times there have been some significant changes. Some of these changes have resulted in a change in how time and funds are being spent. What is becoming very apparent is that SEO and Pay-per-Click, while still very effective, aren’t the only search marketing trends that will increase your sales. There are some others you should take a moment to consider.

    If you aren’t open to your customers for offline sales, your online advertising might not be as effective. In general, many customers are using online results to influence the way they spend their money offline. It is estimated by Forrester Research that close to $915 billion dollars spent in retail last year has been influenced by online advertising. In that same year, only around $155 billion was spent online with the same impression. Because of this, more companies are focusing on ways to offer their products offline as well.

    While many online companies believe Google is the best solution for advertising dollars, it isn’t the only engine to focus on. Last year, …read more

  • Interview: Ricky Ahuja (AVG) , A Serial Entrepreneur

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    Ricky Ahuja, a serial entrepreneur, is a ten year veteran of the online marketing industry and currently serving as the CEO and partner in Affiliate Venture Group, a privately funded performance based network located in Richmond, VA.

    1. Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you? How long have you been in affiliate marketing and how did you get involved?
    First of all, I would like to take this time to thank you for conducting this interview. You have a great site and I frequent it quite often. I am probably the oldest person in Affiliate Marketing – bordering 43, which seems to be ancient in this industry. I have been involved in AM for over 10 years, dating back to 1998. I got into affiliate marketing by accident actually. One of my customers in a coffee shop I had wanted to get a site built and optimized I had some partners that enabled me to do that and truly find out the benefits and rewards and haven’t looked back since.

    2. Give us a little glimpse into what a typical day in your life looks like.
    My day starts at approximately 7:00 a.m as I prepare my daughter for her school/camp or summer activities and see off my wife. I then head to my remote office (Starbucks) and work for a few hours, check stats, reach out to my affiliates and business partners. Working in this industry gives you the flexibility to tend to important family matters and then pick up in the wee hours in the night when the time does not conflict with any personal obligations.

    3. Tell us a little about Affiliate Venture Group and what you do over there?

    This part truly excites me, this is my baby and I and my team has spent countless nights to get it to where it is now. We are a private network which initially focused on internal subprime offers but with the recent acquisition of AVG by Pab67Media, LLC – it has opened doors for us which were otherwise not reachable. As evident by the posts on AffiliatePaying.com …read more

  • 11 Ways to Influence People Online and Make Them Take Action

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    Influence can be defined as the power exerted over the minds and behavior of others. A power that can affect, persuade and cause changes to someone or something. In order to influence people, you first need to discover what is already influencing them. What makes them tick? What do they care about? We need some leverage to work with when we’re trying to change how people think and behave.

    But there’s a problem. You won’t be able to meet and get to know everyone. You won’t have the luxury of learning their life history and what they hate or love. In the online world, people are ghosts. They drift into your website, showing up only as a number in your traffic statistics. Who are these people that come in to your website? Who is viewing your content and checking out your products?

    If you don’t know the answer to all these questions, how are you going to influence them? The solution is to find and analyze general patterns of human behavior or thought. These patterns are indicators of how most people operate: by learning them you would have acquired the tools to exert influence over them. You don’t need to know everyone personally to understand what drives them and what they love or hate.

    I recently read Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click by Susan Weinschenk, a book about how our online behavior is influenced by both conscious and unconscious thought patterns. I found it fairly interesting because it provided some scientific explanations to tactics that many marketers have been using for the longest time.

    At only 130 pages long, the book is a very easy read because its tailored for the average person and not specialists. The downside of this is that it only offers a very general overview of brain science and how it relates to websites.

    Contrary to its name, it also talks more about psychology than general web design/usability. If you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s work or other books on persuasion tactics you would easily recognize many of the concepts mentioned in the book.

    While I …read more

  • PAB67Media Announces Acquisition of Affiliate Venture Group

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    Many of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or on AVG already know but I am pleased to announce that PAB67MEDIA, LLC has announced the acquisition of Affiliate Venture Group. With the addition of Affiliate Venture Group, Pab67Media’s comprehensive product portfolio will seamlessly merge and provide enhanced advertising solutions across online and offline environments. Online advertising represents the largest percentage of our advertisers’ media budget today. Together, Affiliate Venture Group and Pab67Media will deliver addressable advertising solutions to help our partners better manage their media spending by increasing advertiser reach and ROI. Advertisers and publishers across the globe are engaging and interacting with their audiences in ways never before possible. Joining forces with Pab67Media will enable AVG’s common vision of quantifiable advertising solutions to continue to flourish and better meet the needs of their industry partners. With this acquisition, Affiliate Venture Group becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pab67Media, LLC and will continue to function under this brand. The new offices will be based out of Richmond, VA. For more information, please hit me up and we can talk!