PAB67Media Announces Acquisition of Affiliate Venture Group

Many of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or on AVG already know but I am pleased to announce that PAB67MEDIA, LLC has announced the acquisition of Affiliate Venture Group. With the addition of Affiliate Venture Group, Pab67Media’s comprehensive product portfolio will seamlessly merge and provide enhanced advertising solutions across online and offline environments.
Online advertising represents the largest percentage of our advertisers’ media budget today. Together, Affiliate Venture Group and Pab67Media will deliver addressable advertising solutions to help our partners better manage their media spending by increasing advertiser reach and ROI.
Advertisers and publishers across the globe are engaging and interacting with their audiences in ways never before possible. Joining forces with Pab67Media will enable AVG’s common vision of quantifiable advertising solutions to continue to flourish and better meet the needs of their industry partners.
With this acquisition, Affiliate Venture Group becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pab67Media, LLC and will continue to function under this brand. The new offices will be based out of Richmond, VA.
For more information, please hit me up and we can talk!

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  1. Congrats Ricky! You’ve worked hard climbing to where you were, and now I am confident the climb will take you to higher peaks. Let’s talk one of these days.. Also, next round is on you! ;)

    -Victor Edinian

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