Indian Brands Flock to Facebook

As Facebook usage in India hits 12 million, the number of Indian brands tapping into the social networking site for PR & marketing is also growing.

A study by Indian web strategy firm Iffort Consulting examined the Facebook usage of 25 brands from seven industry verticals. The research revealed that organizations are using tactics like poll contests, interesting apps and videos to drive participation.

The study found that youth-oriented brands tend to dominate in India. The most popular brand in terms of Facebook ‘likes’ was MTV-India, with 522,112 Fans on July 28. MTV-India was also the brand with the highest growth, with daily growth of about 3,846 ‘likes’, and the most discussed brand with 2,085 interactions each day.

The most active brand was Delhi Traffic Police with 12.8 wall posts by administrators each day.

India is an important and growing market for Facebook. Current estimates put the number of Facebook users in India at 12 million – small change for a nation with 1.14 billion. Unlike its neighboring country China, where local social networks such as Baidu and Kaixin dominate, India is an outward-facing democracy with a high percentage of people who speak fluent English. This makes India fertile ground for Facebook and indeed the country is shooting up the charts, recently becoming the 10th most popular Facebook country.

As Indians migrate to Facebook, it makes sense that brands will too. So far it seems that the marketing activity of Indian brands has been fairly similar to their counterparts in the U.S. and the rest of the world. It would be interesting to see if some groundbreaking work emerges from this part of the world as the market matures. Perhaps in five years’ time, the U.S. will be following Indian trends?

Posted by Caitlin Fitzsimmons.

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  1. It is definitely something to watch out for. However, people in Asia still don’t seem to be very comfortable making purchases online yet, although it will change in the coming years. Until that happens, affiliate marketers cannot use FB media effectively.

    From what I hear, most small and businesses have web presence now. So, next wave of e-commerce is in the horizon?

  2. I think it is totally an “untapped” market as it comes to affiliate and performance marketing and can only grow. You know Indians, they like to do things in a large manner…lol

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