Borders files for bankruptcy

In an article by the Internet Retailer magazine last week – they confirmed the bankruptcy filing of Borders Group (Borders book store). While this news itself was not a big surprise especially in lieu of its total debt of $1.29 Billion dollars – what was surprising was how hard it home, for my wife and daughter.

After all, this was our local book store and hang out for the wife and kid on the weekends. It also served as an “off-site” location for the Affiliate Venture Group meetings – oh well, more business for Starbucks I guess.

You might want to use up your remaining Borders gift cards before they are no longer valid. ;-)

What do you think about this? Where will you go now?

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  1. That is actually very sad. I love book stores, even though I visit them less and less. This was the first I heard of it. Like you said, we have been expecting this for quite a while. :)

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