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  • Zac Johnson

    Zac Johnson – Super in More Ways Than One

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    Recently I had a chance to interview Zac Johnson and though his reputation precedes him, he is one of the most unassuming super affiliates you will come across (you may already have but may not have noticed). He single handily has been the cause for my lack of productivity over the last couple of weeks, for downloading “doodle jump” after reading one of his blog posts. To get further insight to who he is, let’s get started with the questions shall we:

    Q: Zac, tell us briefly about the man, the myth, the legend – super blogger Zac Johnson AKA Money Reign.

    I first got into the Internet marketing game nearly 15 years ago, and never worked for anyone else in my life. I was fortunate because I was just in high school when I got started, so I had a decent amount of time to figure out how everything worked online. Testing, tweaking and becoming addicted, Internet marketing became my life and still what I love to do today. Along the way I’ve met a ton of amazing people, helped people make money online, built an awesome company and many large web sites, traveled and spoke around the world at different conferences and was even featured on ABC News. Other than the flashy points… I’m your average guy who just likes to have fun in life, loves his family and appreciates everything I have.

    Q: When and why did you start blogging? Was it out of curiosity or something else?

    I first went live with my blog on St. Patricks day on 2007. I always wanted to blog, but I was never really into it, then after talking with a friend at a conference, I said “I’m finally gonna do it!”, so I went ahead and made the blog. The concept for the blog would be to share all of my stories, experiences and attempt to help other people start making money online. Four years later and I’m extremely glad I took the plunge to go forward with my blog back in 2007 and didn’t wait any longer!

    Q: Do you ever get stuck about writing on a particular topic? What do …read more

  • Cake Marketing

    Having Our CAKE and Eating it Too

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    AVG is moving to a new software system!

    At Affiliate Venture Group we are dedicated to our customer’s success and are always striving to find new and improved ways to serve our customers. Midnight tonight we are implementing and launching a new software system that will significantly increase our ability to serve you.

    One of the numerous benefits you will experience from our new system is the enhanced dashboard. This includes Featured Offer, Campaign Summary, Performance Statistics, Updates and much much more. If you need any assistance with the new platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at support at affiliateventuregroup dot com. There are also improved reporting capabilities and detailed service reports.

    We will be switching to our new software midnight tonight with full integration by April 3, 2011.

    The staff at AVG has worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition. However, we realize that there will be unforeseen issues that arise over the next few weeks. We would greatly appreciate any feedback or concerns you may have.

    AVG’s top priority is to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible. We appreciate your help and support during this transition period.


  • Top Reasons to Start a Business

    Top Reasons Why People Start a Business

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    So You Want to Start a Business?

    To many people, the idea of starting their own business can be scary, and it is often a risk that few are willing to take. However, the fact remains that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of a stable and flourishing economy, and for those who do have the courage to dive in, the prospects can be very rewarding in the long run. The decision to become an entrepreneur and start a business, however, is not dependent upon the desire to become wealthy by any means. Instead, being self-employed and managing your own business or developing your own personal dream is a personal choice that is based on a series of preferences or goals that one would like to achieve.

    Very seldom does a great idea for a business or product come to us in a flash, but the best ideas are developed over time through extensive thought and research. For those who are thinking of starting their own business, it is important to spend the time needed learning from others in the field, other business owners and business experts, as well as thoroughly developing an effective business plan and other strategic methods. Another benefit of this is that, if you are seeking funding, the more prepared you are and knowledgeable about your own business or product, the more passionate you will be and the more likely you are to obtain the desired funding that is needed.


    One of the top reasons for starting your own business is always opportunity. If you have ever had a great idea for a product or business, no doubt you have spent a great deal of time contemplating not only the feasibility of the idea itself, but also how to implement, and the opportunities that this could provide for you and other people. Perhaps you have spent years in the corporate world or using your skills working for someone else and feel like you would like to advance your own ideas or products to realize the same dreams. Perhaps you are searching for independence or the opportunity to work closer to your …read more

  • 10 Things We Can Learn From Japan

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    This was an email forwarded to me and I just had to share it with you.

    Here are the 10 things to learn from Japan :

    1. THE CALM – Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated. 2. THE DIGNITY – Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture. 3. THE ABILITY – The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn’t fall. 4. THE GRACE – People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something. 5. THE ORDER – No looting in shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just understanding. 6. THE SACRIFICE – Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid? 7. THE TENDERNESS – Restaurants cut prices. An unguarded ATM is left alone. The strong cared for the weak. 8. THE TRAINING – The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do. And they did just that. 9. THE MEDIA – They showed magnificent restraint in the bulletins. No silly reporters. Only calm reportage. 10. THE CONSCIENCE – When the power went off in a store, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly.

    Now that is a good example of an evolved nation. How long before we reach there…

  • Affiliate Marketing and WordPress

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    It’s always great when things come together.  This is true especially when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.  Wordpress is a dream come true for millions of bloggers around the world because of its simplicity and at the same time it comes without any compromise on quality.  This is why WordPress is the most popular among bloggers.  And when you can make money out of it with very little effort, then why not go for it.

    To start off with Affiliate Marketing on a WordPress blog, first of all you need a domain and a host.  Do some homework about which domain registrar and the host provider is among the cheapest and also reliable and register your domain and get a host for it as well.  The most important factor that you need to decide on before even all this is your niche.  Be wise and honest about what you choose.  Make sure you are comfortable and also interested with the particular niche yourself, rather than choosing something which you are unfamiliar with and just for the sake of its popularity.  Once, the niche is decided, choose a domain name for your website.  Make sure your domain name is something related to your niche.  Just keep in mind that your domain name can be something a bit more generic than your niche.  This will eventually be helpful when you are planning to expand your niche with more variety.  And when choosing the host for your website, make sure their server supports WordPress and the SQL databases WordPress needs.

    Once all this is done, the next thing you need to worry about is the content.  Once you get them, the rest will be taken care by WordPress.  It is such a pleasure managing a WordPress blog.  There are hundreds of plugins out there available for free download which are very helpful for various things, like for example there is plugin for commenting via facebook.  This enables …read more

  • CFO - The Media Crew

    COO SPOTLIGHT: The Media Crew – Rustam Irani

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    As we all know, the affiliate marketing industry is flooded with publishers of the Indian descent, however not too many C-level folks. So when I met Rustam a few years ago and found out he was the COO for The Media Crew, I was very much pleased. His laissez-faire, can do attitude eventually won me over to start doing business with their team and have definitely been impressed with the whole outfit.

    Rustam Irani is the COO of The Media Crew, LLC,, and EFFECTUS. As COO, Rustam’sprimary focus is to oversee the continued success of the The Media Crew and its many assets. Since joining The Media Crew in 2008, the company has been recognized as a Inc. 500 company two years in a row and (ad network) has been named a Top 20 Network by Revenue Performance magazine in 2009 and 2010. Rustam frequently attends industry conferences where he has presented and was recently asked to present for a second year at Ad-tech in London. Rustam earned his bachelor’s in Engineering from University of Florida and his M.B.A. in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University.

    Q: It seems like people are just starting to really talk about mobile and I recall hearing TMC is launching a mobile network too correct? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

    A: We have decided to utilize our expertise and partnerships to build a performance based mobile ad network called: Mobile Maestros. Similar to an online ad network, we will help advertisers generate a positive ROI on a performance based CPA model.

    Q: What was the reason for TMC to get into that market?

    A: After Nick and I went to Adtech London last year, we were surprised with the number of mobile advertisers and made it a goal for 2011 to move into this emerging market. Since then we have been developing partnerships in the mobile space while developing the network site and resources to launch our network.

    Q: TMC is also going to be showcasing their tracking solution at the Ad Tech in SF – can you tell us a bit about that …read more

  • Image of Women in Advertising

    New Blog Series Announcement: Women in Marketing

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    I am pleased to announce that starting April 1, I will be doing a weekly series on “Women in Affiliate Marketing” and have a great line up of influential women in the space. If you are interested to take part in this or know of anyone that may be interested – comment below and let me know and we will get it done.

  •, eZimba

    CEO Spotlight: Founder Christopher Minson

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    This is my latest interview in the Spotlight on the CEO series and must say one of the more enjoyable ones. I came across Christopher when looking for a image conversion tool for one of my previous posts and his service totally blew me away (there are apps available for both the iPhone and Android).

    In the 1990’s he was a founder and senior executive at a series of successful Internet firms. These included Counterpoint LLC, an internet consultancy, Perspecta Corporation, which was sold to Excite@Home in 1998, and Interwoven Corporation, which went public in 2000.

    In 2003 he helped found Baynote: a pioneering web service that provides realtime intent-based content recommendations.

    Christopher is now a private investor and adviser to high technology companies and here is my interview with him.

    Q: Let’s jump right in. What does it actually take to become a Internet business success story?

    A: Probably the same things as any business: a good team,  the right product for the right market,  sufficient capital, effective marketing, loads of hard work and reasonable quantities of luck.

    Q: How did you get your start as an entrepreneur?

    A: I’ve always been one. My first business (a lawn maintenance service) I started at 13. Since then I’ve started a number of firms with varying degrees of success, ranging from large VC-backed efforts in Silicon Valley to small self-funded efforts. Along the way I’ve seen a wide range of outcomes, from acquisitions to Chapter-11s to IPOs.

    You have been a part of many successful ventures in the past, what got you interested specifically in the area of high-technology?
    Watched too much Star Trek as a kid, plus read loads of sci-fi.  Always loved science and computers.  Going high-tech was a natural choice. It was either that or continue with my lawn company ;}

    Q: One of your recent ventures –, pretty cool and simple I must say. How did that come to be? More importantly, how do you plan on monetizing your traffic on that?

    A: I was doing a website for a non-profit and wanted to do some creative things with a few images. So I got Photoshop.
    …read more


    Tim Ash – Website Conversions

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    Website Conversions: Closing the Sale

    Many people are familiar with the well-known concept of the sales funnel. Conceived over a hundred years ago, it still serves as a useful framework for understanding the decision-making process. The sales funnel is known by the acronym “AIDA” which stands for the stages that a person must pass through before buying something: attention, interest, desire and action.

    Times have changed and how we sell things has certainly changed. But when someone comes to your website, the 100-year old principles still apply. Your visitors want to know “Do you have what I want?” and “Should I get it from you?”  And in between, before being moved to action, they must be absolutely convinced that you have the right solution for their needs, and that you are a trustworthy company to deal with.

    A hundred years ago when transactions were face-to-face, these conclusions were easier to arrive by. But online, when you have only milliseconds to make an impression on your visitors, and precious few seconds after that to move them through the AIDA stages, getting someone to say “yes” can be more of a challenge. There are some factors that are beyond your control that will influence a visitor’s willingness to move from desire to action, but understanding and planning for these provides you some ways to more effectively persuade your online customer to get to “yes”.

    Environmental Factors in the Online Decision Process

    Brand strength

    Brands are very powerful. When a brand is firmly established as a market leader, it becomes almost impossible to dislodge that perception in the mind of the customer.

    For a well-known, successful brand, the halo provided by the brand’s promise means that a person can devote much less attention to evaluating items related to the brand. The same presumption is not accorded to lesser-known or unknown competitors. Although their products or services may be objectively just as good, they require additional attention to evaluate. Because of this, they may be disqualified from consideration simply because people will not choose to spend the required time investigating them.

    Time investment

    When shopping for something online, many people …read more

  • wahmom

    Affiliate Marketing for Moms

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    Nowadays anyone can get into affiliate marketing.  So, why not moms who want to make that extra money during their leisure when the kids are off to school?  Like everyone who wants to excel in the field of affiliate marketing, the moms too have to choose the right niche.  A niche which the mom is comfortable writing articles for and also like it personally herself.  Once the right niche is chosen, half the job is done.

    Moms could write articles for other moms about baby care, there by market baby care products.  This could be helpful to the writer herself because she is a mother by herself and will need a good understanding of the products before recommending it to the others.  By this, other readers who are moms will trust the author because they know she is also a mother who is using the product for her child.  If all this sounds very serious, then the moms can opt for some relatively less serious niches such as books or even interior decoration.  These niches wouldn’t take most of your time and hence will spare you some time to spend with your children.  You could also choose niches like pet care, gardening etc. and still make very good money.

    Initially, it might be hard for moms to spend time writing articles, finding a good affiliate program and so on.  But few small things like setting up a work schedule for writing articles for the week or even the month could solve all this.  You could write articles when your kid is at school.  All you need is a couple of hours.  You could do this even during the nights after your son or daughter goes to sleep.

    There are many affiliate sites on the internet which offer programs specially for moms and these programs usually are very simple and easy to practice.  Most of them don’t even want you to own a website to market …read more

  • ck

    Weekly Rant by the Affiliate Slayer – Chris Kautz

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    This is a guest post by Chris Kautz – aka The Affiliate Slayer.

    Proxy EDU leads are like crack

    Ok ladies and gents if you have been in the biz for at least several years, you have had some experience with some less than ethical boca proxy emailers. There might even be one from Atlanta, but don’t quote me. There won’t be any name dropping here as I need to protect the not so innocent. Anyway these “edu emailers” generally claim to have 60-70 mm records that they have miraculously purchased /acquired etc…. Anyway it is a line of bs like most things that come out of Boca**.

    So what is the point of this festering piece of vomit I call a weekly rant? It is actually to make a direct comparison of proxy edu leads to crack. So here is some knowledge to drop on you AM’s fresh out of College/school of hard knocks who still live in your parent’s basement…. A publisher reaches out to you claiming to be a large emailer specializing in edu. They ask to run your one of your edu offers, and you abide. So they do a decent size drop, they claim is email, but you don’t see any referring email urls e.g. mail. Live…. etc. Instead you see some strange urls that look like keyboard mash You don’t hear any complaints from the advertiser or account manager, as they are both happy to see some immediate volume. So just like crack you are hooked after the first hit and you want to chase that first high. Awesome, you have officially become a moron and now are focusing how to take advantage of these drops to your edu offers and continuing them. The advertiser is going to take full advantage of this and allow the traffic to continue through the end of the month and then suddenly scrub you for every one of those fake email generated edu leads. …read more

  • Random Act of Kindness

    Random Act of Kindness

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    This occurs when someone assists someone else – for no reason at all.

    This can be done by simple things like adding a quarter to a meter so the person doesn’t get a parking ticket, letting the person behind you in the grocery line go ahead because they have a couple of items to your maximum 15 or something so simple as helping someone pick up their items they dropped while in a hurry. I observed my 8 year old daughter doing this and I am 100% certain she did not get this trait from me but more so the wife.

    This Random Act of Kindness is done with no expectation of receiving anything in return. So why then do people partake in this? Because there are still genuine good hearted people left in this world.

    Why am i writing this? Slow day at the office? No – we are in the midst of shifting to a new platform.

    Just because I happened to come across this insanely touching video:

    I ask you – have you practiced any random act of kindness (and not terminating a fraudulent affiliate does not constitute an act of kindness)?

    What have you done?

  • The Google Guy

    10 Ways to Brand Your Blog Efficiently

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    This is a blog post by Daniel Scocco.

    On the latest State of the Blogosphere report, Wikipedia claimed that they are tracking over 156 million public blogs. That is a freaking lot of them. If we take into consideration standard websites as well, this number will be even bigger. The result? Hundreds, if not thousands of blogs and websites on virtually every single niche on the web.

    You can also bet that a good percentage of those will be offering outstanding quality content just like you do, so the competition is fierce.

    Under those circumstances, how can you make sure that your blog or website will stand out of the crowd and attract visitors?
    In one word: branding.

    Bricks and mortar businesses have discovered the importance of branding decades ago, but on the web this is a relatively new trend (just five years ago you didn’t have that many websites around after all).Below we are going to cover 10 ways to brand your blog or website efficiently.


    1. Having a Clear Purpose

    You must have a crystal clear vision about the purpose of your website, and you must communicate that to the visitors as well. They must know why they are visiting your website. Why it is worth their time.

    “I am going to write about tech” ain’t going to cut it. What part of technology you are going to write about? Gadgets? Web 2.0? What angle you are going to have? Breaking news? Deep analysis? Where will the value to your readers come from?

    You need to be able to answer to those questions easily.

    Your aim is to make people associate a concept or thing with your website. If I say online video, you are going to think YouTube. If I say funny pictures of cats, you are going to think I Can Has Bheezburger. If I say gadgets, you are going to think Engadget or Gizmodo.
    You get the idea. Now you must make this with your own website. It is not easy, and it takes time, but you should always keep this principle in mind.


    2. Being Consistent with the Writing Style

    There are many studies confirming that the …read more

  • Trust is the new currency

    CEO Spotlight: Dunn Direct Media – Declan Dunn

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    I am pleased to post below my interview with Declan Dunn, founder of Dunn Direct Media. Declan is recognized worldwide for his development of social networks and new media since 1995, along with his place as a pioneer in performance and affiliate marketing. This unusual mixture gives him the ability to bring people together, build relationships, and monetize them using specific processes he has developed since the beginning. That being said, let’s get started shall we:

    1) Q: Great Declan. Let’s get right into the questions. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and Dunn Direct Media?

    A: Dunn Direct Media provides New Media publishing and strategies to small businesses.  We show people how to use audio, video, and viral marketing to promote their books, products, and services, mixed with tested, proven methods of building emails lists and community.

    New Media means the integration of social and mobile worlds with the traditional world of Internet marketing driven by clicks and impressions.  The new world is driven by much more than just the old way of business, and we help businesses leverage this through a 3 step process to Integrate their business with social and mobile, Customize the platforms and strategy that would best benefit them and is doable, and Monetize, driving traffic and sales.

    2) Q: What made you decide to pursue a career in social media  marketing? What are some of your recognizable achievements?

    A: I’ve been doing this business since 1994, and what drives me since the beginning is the power of the Internet to connect us all and unleash businesses in new ways.  As a lifelong entrepreneur, I love sharing and showing people how to direct their energies correctly, instead of scattering around various tactics like social, SEO, and email marketing.  Tactics are ok, but without a strategy they rarely lead to success.

    As far as achievements, I’ve worked on 21 projects with startups that have generated 7 figures, built huge email lists in the millions with viral marketing strategies, ran my own agency that pioneered affiliate programs for small businesses and even companies as big as American …read more

  • Procrastination - Enemy of Progress

    Set yourself free from the enemy of progress: Procrastination

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    This is a post by Tele Opakunle

    Procrastination is hiding in the shadow of the future when you should deal with “now”. It is all about delay tactics, which turn seven days journey into seven years. Procrastination thwarts growth and hinders progress. It is a canker worm that thrives on excuses at all times and in every situation. Somebody once called procrastination a lazy man’s syndrome, yet the issue may transcend laziness and border on fear. It may be fear of failure, criticism, or even success. The fear being exercised may be a result of rejection that was experienced in the past. Some people suffer from confusion and they procrastinate to run away from sorting things out.

    What are the consequences of procrastination?

    Unachievable goals and objectives A constant feeling of frustration Retardation Ultimate failure

    The following are ways to tackle the problem:

    Identify the pain Identify underlying cause Create awareness of cause and effect of actions Set new goals Set up machinery for constant evaluation of set goals Device a form of reward for achieving set goals and objectives Find an accountability partner Draw strength from higher consciousness

    Author’s Bio

    Pastor Tele Opakunle’s calling as a Prophet and a Seer was established before her birth. She manifested intuitive abilities as a child. Though she emerged from an ancestry of staunch Christian believers, she has since moved beyond religion, to a higher consciousness of man’s purpose on earth. Pastor Tele is the founder of the Zion City Ministries Inc. Her focus is on empowerment. She teaches about the power within. Her message is that of “HOPE.” (Harmony, Order, Peace, and Eternal bliss) Tele Opakunle is a Prophetic Counselor, Life Coach, and a Spiritual Activist, who fights against the desecration of the earth and its fullness.

  • Japan Tsunami and Earthquake

    Japan Tsunami and Earthquake – Get Involved

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    As reports continue to come out of the region, the need to restore faith and hope appears greater and greater. In light of the current series of events, we as a community can do several things to help:

    1) First and foremost, prayer is always a source of strength for those impacted by, responding to, and preparing for response to the Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake.

    2) Though this may be more difficult and probably should be left for the professional organizations, you as a community can organize a team to respond. This should be a team with first aid providers and supplies, non-perishable food items, toiletries, and your own food and water. The lesser burden you place on the local services, the better.

    3) Organize donation center in your community. Some helpful tips when coordinating donations – the less “JUNK” you accept, the more helpful your donation is to those affected by the disaster. Some important items to collect will include the following canned and dry foods, paper plates, plastic utensils, clean socks, diapers, toiletries and personal care items, sanitizing wipes and cleaning items. When collecting donations, have a plan for getting the items to the area. This process can be a major headache or can go smoothly if you take some planned actions.

    4) Most importantly, they need your help financially to begin to provide relief and response activities. You can donate directly to the Red Cross or simply Text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10

    As our friends in Japan are faced with this devastation, let’s do our part to restore hope and faith in not just us as a nation, but more importantly us as a people.

    “Each of us as human beings has a responsibility to reach out to help our brothers and sisters affected by disasters. One day it may be us or our loved ones needing someone to reach out and help.”  Michael W. Hawkins, American Red Cross

  • Neil Raj - Ad Mobix

    CEO Spotlight, AdMobix – Neil Raj

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    Having recently launched its mobile network, Ad Mobix is quickly starting to make a name for itself. A division of, it is a performance-based ad agency where advertisers do not pay for impressions or clicks, but only pay for leads. Using proprietary technology and advanced tracking, AdMobix produces the maximum ROI for advertisers. Neil Raj, the founder of Ad Mobix was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and answer a few questions for the readers of


    1) How did you get started in the industry?

    Hmmm, where do i start  – registered my first domain,, in 1996, promoting it via PPC on  Got a job at Azoogle Ads in 2004.  After a few years at AZ, I moved on and helped build out the CPA division at BlueLithium, which later sold to Yahoo for 300 Million big ones.

    2) What are you involved in these days, I hear through the grapevine that you are launching some mobile network?

    We just launched, a performance based ad network focusing on mobile traffic and mobile offers.  We see the next forefront of digital advertising being on mobile devices, and we wanted to help initiate the CPA movement into mobile.

    3) I have known you all for some time now and you seem like a close knit group, what do you account that to?

    Rather than being all things to all people, we prefer to work with a select group and service them properly.  At the end of the day, with all the players in this space, the differentiating factor boils down to who can take care of you (the client or the publisher) better.  By working with select publishers, we have found that we can excel in service.

    4) You guys run a very successful network already, what made you decide to launch Ad Mobix?

    We found publishers were looking for additional sources of traffic and were moving to buying traffic on mobile platforms such as AdMob and InMobi.  However, the constraint was there were not enough quality offers for them to promote.  Since we use a proprietary custom platform, we …read more

  • Ad Slogans, Because they’re worth it!

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    A lot has changed in advertising in the past decades. But one thing that continues to live on since the inception of advertising is ad slogans. We’ve all heard hundreds of them. And even after years, we won’t forget the ones that ‘clicked’ with us.

    Marketers use ad slogans for a variety of reasons. The ad slogans can

    Help a company state the main benefits of the brand or set it apart from competitors – Citibank: ‘The Citi never sleeps’
    Be witty and memorable – Braniff Airlines: ‘When you got it, flaunt it’
    Make the consumer ‘feel good’ – Hallmark: ‘When you care enough to send the very best’ and L’Oreal: ‘Because I’m worth it’
    Make a consumer desire something – De Beers: ‘A diamond is forever’

    These are some of the obvious benefits of having an ad slogan. But it also helps companies on other levels. An example of this is outdoor advertising. A brand promoting itself through outdoor hoardings in a big way would generally need to have an ad slogan ‘that sticks’ to set it apart.

    Also, in the past, when ad slogans have had exceptional response, they’ve become an entity in themselves aiding the brand through their popularity and usage in unrelated fields. Ad slogans such as that of Braniff Airlines above or ‘Don’t leave home without it’ by American Express have found usage in the daily lives of Americans. Another example of this is the ad slogan ‘Keep Walking’ of Johnnie Walker, which has been used even in parliamentary speeches in the US. Robert Carlyle, in an ad-film for the brand, refers to it as something that has become ‘a symbol of progress’. The domain name has also been purchased by the holding company and it redirects users to the website of Johnnie Walker.

    However, there are certain things that marketers need to keep in mind to avoid slogans that don’t work. The slogan

    Should not be bland – something like ‘You can trust us’
    Should not be negative – ‘It doesn’t look like you can afford it’
    Should not be inconsequential – ‘Beating its own great standards every time’
    Should not be meaningless – …read more

  • I See Stupid People

    I See Stupid People….?

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    This is a guest post by a long time friend, business partner and an all around “PAB” (if you do not know – ask me), Chris Kautz.  Often referred to as the “Affiliate Slayer” his morals and ethics are never questioned. So when an event occurred today – he went on one of his famous rants. Continue reading for a cheap laugh.

    Ok so I really don’t see dead people, it’s just a well known quote from a Bruce Wills flick a few years back.  I am sure some of you youngins in the biz might not know what I am referring to, your problem. Get over it.   Anyway the whole purpose of this tangent/rant is to discuss the question as it relates to our upstanding and honorable industry, can dead people fill out applications/leads?   Hmmm…… that is a difficult one no matter your beliefs.

    Let’s look at this “hypothetical” situation that happened earlier today.    I guess somebody in heaven was interested in finding out more about an education in the arts and decided to fill out and application one of our great edu offers.   I guess anything is possible, but somehow the advertiser has taken it personally.    So should advertisers be liable for such a lead, do they have a right to be ticked off and scrub a few leads?   Should affiliates bear the burden and liability of a consumer being stupid in filling in their Uncle Earl’s info since he or she was just curious about a particular offer and didn’t want to be contacted directly?  This is assuming the affiliate didn’t send the “fraudulent “traffic to begin with.     All parts equal and to remain fair and balanced, this is also assuming the advertiser didn’t make up this scenario to provide a reason to scrub a few leads, thereby adding to their bottom line.

    So let’s assume that both the affiliate and advertiser are doing their jobs in a legitimate and respectful manner.   Whose fault is it that a dead person filled out an application? The dead person? Here is how this “hypothetical“scenario plays …read more

  • How to Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

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    Alright, so you are a blogger, and you have decided to make some money out the quality time and effort you have invested in your blog or website.  You have all the rights to do it.  But how?  Hard work?  Yeah, but hard work doesn’t really pay off at all times.  You need to think of something better, something with which you will have guaranteed returns.  Smart work.  This is what we will be seeing here.

    Affiliate Marketing is proven time and again by many people that it is one of the easiest ways to make money in today’s internet dependent world.  Yet many fail to see it that way.  All that you need to do is follow some basic rules, make some strategies and hit the right spots.  First of all, make sure you choose the products you want to market wisely.  Choose them only if know thoroughly what they are.  Only if you know the product, will you have the confidence in your marketing that is very essential.  It is better off if you try the product yourself before recommending it to the others.  And by doing this you not only have the confidence but also build the confidence of the customers.

    The next rule of the thumb is to dedicate a post each for a different product.  By doing this, you are concentrating on one product at a time.  This clarifies your motives and also helps the customers appreciate the level of knowledge you have about the product.  This thereby increases the chances of the customer actually buying the product.  On the other hand, when there are a number of products that you are trying to market on the same page or a post, it leads to all sorts of confusions.  The customer doesn’t know which product is the best and which one he really will need.  It creates a disturbance in the customers mind and thereby urges him to move to …read more

  • Affiliate Venture Group Exclusive -

    AVG Exclusive – CEO Spotlight

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    BullnBearTrades offers a software based approach to stock and option trading using our proprietary algorithm that scans the stock market for trading opportunities and provides it to our subscribers in a simple format. In addition to providing new trading opportunities, trade signals are also updated on a daily basis to manage your current positions in case a trade goes against you, guiding you to turn losers into winners thereby significantly enhancing your trading efficiency. This software is completely integrated into and there is no need to install any software and accessible at any time.

    Founded by Vinodh Arjun in 2010 to provide unique software based consistent approach to trading to gain from market movement in either direction. Arjun utilized his diverse experience of over 15 years in software industry developing and managing software products for enterprise applications and over 7 years of trading experience to develop a unique algorithm that identifies new trading opportunities and also help manage current position to turn losers into winners. This unique approach removes human emotions along with fear and greed making stock and option trading a stress free and enjoyable experience.

    Prior to starting Arjun worked for IBM as Program Director Product Strategy, with responsibilities like identifying new market opportunities, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Development,  Product Management and others. Prior to IBM, Arjun worked for companies like Ascential Software and Mercator Software as Director,  Product Development in of their enterprise products leading a development team through full cycle product development from inception to launch.

    Vinodh was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions exclusively for my blog and I am pleased to present the findings below. Vinodh – firstly, thanks for taking the time to do this for the readers of

    RA: Great! Let’s get right into the questions. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and

    Vinodh: I started of my career in the software industry working in different areas from product development to product management and marketing having launched several successful enterprise products. Latest position being at IBM as Program …read more