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This is a guest post by Chris Kautz – aka The Affiliate Slayer.

Proxy EDU leads are like crack

Ok ladies and gents if you have been in the biz for at least several years, you have had some experience with some less than ethical boca proxy emailers. There might even be one from Atlanta, but don’t quote me. There won’t be any name dropping here as I need to protect the not so innocent. Anyway these “edu emailers” generally claim to have 60-70 mm records that they have miraculously purchased /acquired etc…. Anyway it is a line of bs like most things that come out of Boca**.

So what is the point of this festering piece of vomit I call a weekly rant? It is actually to make a direct comparison of proxy edu leads to crack. So here is some knowledge to drop on you AM’s fresh out of College/school of hard knocks who still live in your parent’s basement…. A publisher reaches out to you claiming to be a large emailer specializing in edu. They ask to run your one of your edu offers, and you abide. So they do a decent size drop, they claim is email, but you don’t see any referring email urls e.g. mail. Live…. etc. Instead you see some strange urls that look like keyboard mash 8u49jpioaoupioa90xyz123.com. You don’t hear any complaints from the advertiser or account manager, as they are both happy to see some immediate volume. So just like crack you are hooked after the first hit and you want to chase that first high. Awesome, you have officially become a moron and now are focusing how to take advantage of these drops to your edu offers and continuing them. The advertiser is going to take full advantage of this and allow the traffic to continue through the end of the month and then suddenly scrub you for every one of those fake email generated edu leads. You don’t want to admit it as you could be kissing 10k, 50k, or even 100k plus gross rev goodbye for the month… Sucks for you as you have thresholds to meet every month and now this type publisher has become a bad habit you can’t drop like daily visits to Starbucks.

So just like crack this rev is difficult to quit, but then you have look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself,” have I really put together a good deal and provided a viable asset to the network I work for and its clients?” The answer is “of course not dip$%^t.” You have tarnished your employer’s reputation with the advertiser, created an accounting nightmare if this fake emailer has already been paid, and possibly jeopardized your future with the company. So the lesson here is to stay away from crack and to be weary of pubs claiming to be edu emailers. Both will bite you in the arse.

Disclaimer- **there are plenty of Bocans who are upstanding individuals, I have had more experience/wasting time with those who you wouldn’t have a beer with…

This is purely a hypothetical situation and this author is crack-free and always has been except for where God split him. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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  1. You forgot the part where they threaten to sue you for payment due to some iron clad IO they coursed their account manager to sign at the network

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