WhiteyBoard.com to Launch Affiliate Program on Affiliate Venture Group

Look for a roll out this week of our EXCLUSIVE offer – WhiteyBoard.com. The hot inexpensive alternative to a “white board”.

Developed in 2010 by recent college graduates Saachi Cywinski, Sherwin Kim and Jason Wilk, WhiteyBoard has emerged as an innovative, inexpensive, and eco-friendly alternative to the more expensive traditional whiteboards on the market today.

Their team of chemists formulated an ultra-light, ultra-inexpensive whiteboard sticker that can adhere to any flat surface in just seconds and comes off clean – no installation, no heavy lifting, and no breaking the bank. The transferable stickers are ideal for any room in the house, classroom, commercial building, or office in need of a quick functional or decorative fix while simultaneously outfitting users with an accessible surface for doodling notes and ideas. Designed with our youth in mind, WhiteyBoards encourage students to visually explore and record their ideas; a unique green solution to the countless acres of trees destroyed each year for scratch paper. The flexibility of our product allows for an infinite number of uses that can be modified to suit individual preferences. With a pair of household scissors, WhiteyBoarders can customize any of our three sizes to fit a desired space. Stick one next to your front door or home phone to jot down reminders, or use the full sheets to provide more space for artistic creativity in a classroom or child’s playroom. They pride themselves in their speedy shipping service, competitive pricing, and highly personal customer correspondence, so contact us now to start promoting the program.

Thousands of happy customers around the globe are already “stuck” on their WhiteyBoards. Join now!

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