Women of Affiliate Marketing: Mindy Raslevich

It’s In Her DNA!

This feature kicks off our weekly “Women of Affiliate Marketing” series and I could not think of a better person to start it with. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with this woman for over two years now and continue to be impressed by her knowledge, professionalism and her tireless “dedication”. The one – the only, Mindy Raslevich.

She has been a Senior Affiliate Manager at CPA DNA, Dedicated Media since 2008. CPA DNA has the pleasure of leveraging our big branded Agency relationships to bring those great campaigns to the CPA side. They have gone from based in Los Angeles to a great expansion to New York and San Francisco offices. She got her start at an email marketing company where she learned a lot in the in’s and out’s of CPA.

She is a graduate from University of California, Irvine in 2006 with a BA in Social Ecology (I won’t hold this against her). Mindy spent her first two years of college enjoying being a Buckeye at The Ohio State University, majoring in Zoology. (2002-03 was a Great year for Football!)

She has been married to her best friend from High School for two and a half years now, and she is proud to say he is a United States Marine.  Her 6’7’’ tanker, David.

Let’s get right in shall we. Mindy, thanks so much for taking the time to do this – I know you have a choice of bloggers and I thank you for flying RickyAhuja.com:

Q: If you would be so kind, please tell us about yourself and what you are currently doing.

I am a Senior Affiliate Manager at CPA DNA, the performance side of Dedicated Media. I spend my days getting traffic to our stellar list of big branded campaigns.

Q: How did you find yourself working in the Affiliate Marketing industry?

I was managing a really tasty Mediterranean restaurant in Newport Beach for about 2 years when we moved to California, and finishing my last two years of college, two of my regulars owned an email marketing company and gave me my start. I started out as a campaign manager and made my way to Campaign Director, I had the pleasure of setting up and managing our emails that went out. Holy Suppression files!

Q: How have you found this industry to be? Was it what you thought it to be?

I had no clue before my first gig about anything in regards to our industry. I loved it immediately. The fast pace, always adapting nature makes each day full of new things. I had the most difficult time explaining what I did when I first started to friends and family. Almost five years later I have finally perfected an answer that translates to all.

Q: There are more and more women playing a significant role in this industry, what do you attribute that to and more importantly – do you think that to be the case going forward?

I think the user base, is predominantly women, for all different methods of promotion. I think having women play significant roles is to be expected as it is easier for them to figure out what they personally would be interested in. For example the campaign, Zulily is clearly targeting women, and I find a vast majority of the campaigns out there do the same. It makes sense that the users out there buying most things online are women, especially when factoring the huge boom in Coupon type offers, the stay at home mom base just keeps expanding. I mean I personally find myself searching for coupons online before I buy something- my husband rolls his eyes each time.

Q: Who was or is a major influencer for you?

My mom is my biggest influence when it comes to being a woman in the work force. She put two of us through college by herself and has always been a great role model for me to never settle and always push myself.  My Dad also gives me a great perspective to be kind and think before I speak, which I will admit took me a long time to perfect and still have my occasional slips.

Q: What are your favorite must read industry blogs or websites (brownie points if you mention RickyAhuja.com)?

I wish there were more hours in a day to get a full view of all the good stuff. I like TechCrunch and I also really feel in the loop by being opted into OfferVaults emails. I am a big fan of the updated look of http://www.rickyahuja.com, very schnazzy.

Q: Where do you see the affiliate marketing industry heading with social media in the next year? Do you think that micro blogging platforms like Twitter, Four Square and FB have the potential to change the entire landscape of presenting information to the public?

I think social media is going to keep growing. It is such an amazing tool in regards to getting targeted users, and the more advertisers that get more fluent to the details of social media the more it can all grow. I think the whole name of the game is get what you are paying for, social media helps target and get the people spending the money what they are asking for. I think the more social media has time to advance and fine tune the larger it will grow and the advances just in the last year make the whole concept without limitations.

Now for a few FUN questions:

Q: You are given a free pass to Affiliate Summit, Ad Tech or Leads Con – where do you go and why?

I would go for Leads Con. In my years of being in the industry I have not attended one yet. Never know what is on the side of something new.

Q: If you could pick the brains of anyone – dead or alive, who would it be and why?

A bit unrelated to Affiliate Marketing, I would want to talk to Antoni Gaudi. I went to the apartment building that even past his own life is still in construction, it was beautiful. I would like to just have a chat and see what kind of person he was and how a mind that has created such works of art, is face to face. Observe his mannerisms.

Q: What advice do you have for my female readers who are looking to get into affiliate or online marketing?

I think it is good to use what you know. Women make a lot of purchases online and as a woman it is helpful to think in regards to what you personally would be interested in.


Thanks Mindy – this concludes our broadcast. Much appreciated. ;-)

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