Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day – May 8th

A decade has gone by since the passing of my mother but not a day goes by without thinking of her in one way or another. Whether it was a time I was being scolded for having done something she did not approve of (there were many) or dropping her off and picking her up from the late night shift at her work so she could help support and raise a family of 5 to the time we broke the news to her of her becoming a grandma for fifth time. As early as this morning, my eight year old daughter had the nerve to change my sports talk radio station – to which I gave her a nasty stare and asked why she did that to which she sadly says. “The constant radio commercials for Mother’s Day keep reminding me of g-momma and I never got to meet her.” :-(


Fortunately for her, she has her wonderful mom (and with her – what Tarina wants, she gets – ahemm cough cough convertible, cough cough Jag) and my mother-in-law (aka – MIL) who has always been there, near or far – good or bad. Thank’s MIL.

So this brings me to the age old question, “How does one honor their mother on Mother’s Day?” It is a difficult task, after all, she is the woman who raised you, the woman who put up with you through the terrible twos, the adolescent years, and finally said goodbye to you as you left home to make a living for yourself. She watched over you, she raised you, and when it came time, she let you go. It is hard to imagine what type of labor went into this task. Can you imagine the time sacrificed, the money spent, the tears shed? Unless you have gone through this, then it will be difficult to imagine, but you know what effect she has had on your life, and you know how important it is to remember Mom on Mother’s Day.

If your mother is still alive, then count your blessings everyday and twice on Sunday. There are many on this Earth who may keep a picture on their wall or even on their mantle. A picture of a time long past, but a time so vivid that it seems it happened only yesterday. We cannot return to those days, but we can often think of them.

When you find yourself in this position you may ask a few very simple questions:

“Do I spend enough time with her?”

“Does she know that I love her?”

‘Later’ is usually too late, and this is something that will become painfully obvious to you after time. Life on Earth is not infinite, not by any stretch of the imagination, and the time you lose is time you can never get back.

How can you remember Mom on Mother’s day? There are a few ways actually. Some will opt for presents, some will opt for a visit, but if you cannot do this, then pick up the phone and call her. Sometimes hearing a child say ‘I love you’ is enough for any Mother.

Mother’s day is coming soon; don’t let it pass you by without at least speaking with your Mother. What if this mother’s day is the last? What if the next mother’s day that rolls around is the one that leaves you with nothing but memories? You might think that could never happen, but there are millions who know it as a reality today. So this coming mother’s day pay honor to the woman who gave you her love, her life, and even her finances to ensure that you could live a life as good as or even better than hers.

That being said, now would be a great time to prepare, and to think about what you will say to the woman who raised you on this very special day. After all, it’s not every day that you can remind her you care, and soon enough, you may not be able to at all.

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