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    2012 – Bring It On, Wishing You a Happy New Year

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    So I am beginning to think I have no life as I write this blog at 11:06 P.M., New Years Eve. In retrospect however, I think this is the perfect way to end the year – with a moment of reflection on what happened in 2011 (believe me when I say this, A SHIT LOAD happened) and what possibly to look forward to in 2012.

    Sure, each year I mentally compile my list of top highlights of the year just past and my personal goals for the coming year. However, as far as truly appreciating what has happened and what will be – I somehow think this next year 2012 will absolutely ROCK given that I have a new perspective on things.

    That being said, this list is my personal wish list of what I hope to do in 2012:


    Spend more time with the family (not that 2011 did not allow me a lot of quality time) but now I am in a position physically to enjoy it, or getting there at least. Commit to more date nights. We have to take advantage of the Sawhneys more often J. Be more social. I am an introvert. Ok fine, I am not an introvert but I don’t make an effort to go to as many gatherings or get-togethers. I must strive to get out more. Return to a 32 waist size and walk consistently few days a week. Mind you – I am not too far thanks to the surgery, but that is one hell of a way to trim down. Definitely do not recommend that method. Control the tone of my voice. I too often convey hostility, anger, impatience and frustration in talking to my wife and kid and yes the affiliates. I must learn to speak softly and kindly. Yes I can. Be Incarnational. I want to do a greater job of manifesting the presence of a worry free life in the lives of others. Take it from me it is short and just might pass you by.


  • Top 10 Things I learned at Affiliate Summit


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    Welcome Back Bitches


    “Welcome back Bitches. “ That is the formal greeting I make to my millions of fans who have read my POS rants earlier this year on  Since it has been a matter a months from the last post, I know your lives have felt empty and incomplete.  For this I will apologize, but that might be the only apology for 2011 coming from me.  Sorry for not blessing you with presence for a bit.  Of course there are many apologies to my wife on a somewhat consistent basis don’t count as I am a guy with insertfootinmouthitis syndrome.   There is no cure.  For you geniuses out there I don’t literally put my foot into my mouth and pretend to be a gymnast, although my 7month old son seems to dig the taste of his feet.  Speaking of, “Rick, Welcome back.   If you would increase my fee payout of $5k to $10k per month for writing bad rants on you blog, perhaps I will write more rants, like 1 per month that are higher quality.   Wow that is like a bad email cpm deal with promised quality.   Ok my tangent is done at least for this paragraph.

    Anyway ASW is right around corner, and yes ladies and gentlemen, and RoadSmack, I will be attending along with the rest of awesome AVG team.   So here are the Top 10 reasons to sit at a nice bar near the booth as opposed to walking the Floor.

    1)       I am lazy and like to sit on my ass

    2)      I didn’t buy credentials

    3)      I am a wuss and don’t want my feet to hurt

    4)      I don’t want to press replay on what exactly I do over and over again

    5)      I feel more comfortable at a bar.  Booze anybody?

    6)      I don’t want to speak to overly moronic enthusiastic rookie AM’s/ Booth Babes, Been there done that

    7)      Ah I don’t want to feel old as there a large majority of younger folks on the floor.  Rick you must feel even older

    8)      I prefer an informal setting like a bar

    9)      “Here is a prepaid card …read more


    Bad Back and Beyond

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    As many of you may have learned from one of my previous posts, “5 Reasons Why I love my Wife” that I had a major back surgery back in September for which I am still undergoing physical therapy. I will spare you all the gory details but I had thoracic cord compression due to disc herniation complicated by calcification.

    It got to a point where my balance was affected and I was not able to literally walk unless I had some support. I always played it off as a bad case of a pinched nerve or to my chronic lower back pain and never gave it a thought until the persistence from the wife. After several visits and tests with various specialists, I was advised to check into the ER at JohnsHopkinsHospital(this was on September 22nd) and this is where we eventually met Dr. Ziya Gokaslan, truly a Godsend.


    After Dr. Gokaslan had a chance to review my MRI’s and X-rays, he personally came into the room to discuss the matter at hand. His voice was reassuring, his statements honest and direct. . He suggested that I have two options. Not do the surgery and risk paralysis or do the procedure with a 95% chance of full recovery (and still risk paralysis due to the complex nature of the procedure).  The room was dead silent. I was too young to have this happen to me. What if the surgery did not go as planned? All these thoughts start going through your head and you literally see your life pass before your eyes. My wife and brother were both in the room and they could tell how shaken I was by hearing this.

    However, his encouragement and his words were simple and explanative. He made sure that I had a complete understanding of everything. From my MRI’s to the procedure itself, no information was left unexplained. I felt informed and relieved. I was in good hands. The surgery would happen on September 29th.

    All of my family as well as the in-laws were there for motivation and encouragement and from the time …read more

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    Super Affiliates Facebook Group

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    Hey Russell, thanks for taking the time to do this. Tell us some about yourself and what you do.

    I got started in the online advertising business back in 1995 and was a pioneer in the email industry by 1996 having run

    More details here

    How did you start the group Super Affiliates and when was it started?

    I was an early adopter to Facebook and realized how much potential it had for industry people to stay in constant communication. One of the first things I did after joining Facebook was to start the group. I think this was at the end of 2006 or maybe the beginning of 2007.

    Are you the only one who monitors the group?

    No there are several moderators. Each Friday as a bit of a publicity stunt for affiliate managers we add a new female moderator.  They become the “Friday Girl” and basically have the stage for the day and it’s all about them. The idea behind this is to promote personality and attract business for some of the affiliate networks and managers that participate in the group.

    What was the main purpose behind starting this group?

    Originally the purpose was so that I could interact more on a day to day basis with my clients. Those clients then added their friends and their friends added more people and it started to grow. Before Facebook made their group changes at the beginning of 2011 it operated more like a Listserv and people would request for me to send out Facebook Messages to people’s Inboxes promoting their offers or services and whatnot. After Facebook made the changes to the way groups operate the group really took off in popularity and has since become the busiest affiliate marketing discussion group to my knowledge. One of the main reasons for the group’s popularity is the rather backward approach to how we appreciate self promotion. The group exists as a venue where it’s okay to toot your own horn.

    Where do you see this group going? Is it living up to your expectations?

    We are trying to double our membership base currently from 3500 members …read more