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Hey guys, here is the next one in the on going series of “Women in Affiliate Marketing”. Having met her on a couple of occasions, she came across as super nice and very intelligent (and adorably cute didn’t hurt either). So I had to have her do this interview for me – so here it is, enjoy.

1)      Libertad, if you would be so kind, please tell us about yourself and what you are currently doing.

“That’s always a tough question but, I think most of my close friends, colleagues and family would describe me as a very caring, adventurous and outgoing person who loves and enjoys life.  I am currently working as a Business Development Manager for National Web leads, LLC from Toronto and studying Photography. In my spare time, I play soccer, swim, watch films, cook and read.

2)     How did you find yourself working in the Affiliate Marketing industry?

I got introduced to the Affiliate Marketing industry through a very good friend of mine (now colleague) in New York.  After collaborating on a couple of non-Affiliate Marketing projects I became very intrigued about the industry and flew from Toronto to NY to check out Ad-Tech and see what types of opportunities there might be for me.  It only took a couple of hours of walking around the floor and talking to people before I realized I wanted to be a part of this and soon after got hired by National Web leads.

3)     How have you found this industry to be? Was it what you thought it to be?

I anticipated that the industry would grow fast and change a lot, especially now that more Advertisers recognize the importance of reaching their consumers online.  The immense growth has attracted a range of young, talented entrepreneurs who have a new and dynamic style of running successful organizations.

4)     There are more and more women playing a significant role in this industry, what do you attribute that to and more importantly – do you think that to be the case going forward?

It was just a matter of time before more women entered the industry and I foresee a lot more gender equality going forward.  I was really lucky to have become friends some very smart women in the space who welcomed me and supported me a lot. I thought it was great to briefly have had Glam Interactive because provided a hub for women to connect and build relationships.

5)     Who was or is a major influencer for you?

In this industry, I have to say that all my colleagues & friends at National Web Leads have had a huge influence on me as well as my friends in the space.  It’s important to have a group of friends who enjoy sharing lots of ideas.

6)     What are your favorite must read industry blogs or websites (brownie points if you mention RickyAhuja.com)?

Of course RickyAhuja.com! I also read 5 Star Affiliate Programs Blog, Shaun Collins and Mr.Green when I can.

7)     Where do you see the affiliate marketing industry heading with social media in the next year? Do you think that micro blogging platforms like Twitter, Four Square and FB have the potential to change the entire landscape of presenting information to the public?

These platforms are attracting a huge and powerful audience and they are changing the way we reach consumers already.  I think Social media is already transforming our industry and allowing us to better target campaigns. It will be interesting to see how legislative privacy and security concerns shape Social Media and how we present information to the public.

Now for a few FUN questions:

8)    You are given a free pass to Affiliate Summit, Ad Tech or Leads Con – where do you go and why?

I really enjoyed LeadsCon because I met a lot of people in my space.  In comparison to Ad Tech or AS, LeadsCon was smaller, not as fast and busy but most importantly, I met people I needed to meet.

9)    I notice you have a passion for photography; tell me how you got started with that and more importantly about one of your more “memorable” shoots.

Yes, I am striving to become a professional Photographer.  I got a camera as a gift a couple of years ago and I have never been able to put it down since.  I am currently shooting in N.Y. Fashion, but my passion is photojournalism and fine art photography.  My most memorable photo shoot was with my Father at a cigar shop.  He was reluctant at first but after a couple of glasses of whiskey and a cigar he was good to go and participated in my project.  It was a really fun moment.

10)     If you could pick the brains of anyone – dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I’d have to say Genghis Khan.  He was one of the youngest conquerors that have ever lived.  He covered the largest area and greater population than any other subjugator; his policies had an influence in traditional law and also he left such an impressive genetic footprint.

11)  What advice do you have for my female readers who are looking to get into affiliate or online marketing?

My advice to women and anyone interested in entering Affiliate/Online Marketing would be to dive right into it and connect with as many industry folks as possible through social media networks, forums, blogs & trade show.  Learn as much as you can about the space, people, companies and trends.  Be adaptable, aggressive and hone your salesmanship skill.


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