Dream It. Wish It. Do It

Do you have a dream? Of course you do, everyone on this planet has a dream. It could have to do with who they want to be, what they want to do, where they want to live, a dream can be absolutely anything you hope will happen someday. When I say that I don’t mean wanting to get something, like a phone or an ipad. When I say something you hope will happen, I mean life aspirations, and the goal of your life. A dream is something a person spends every day, every hour, and every minute trying to achieve. Dreams become a reality if you make them a reality.

Dreams are not something that just get handed to you. You still have to work to make your dreams a reality. Most people think that god will give you your dreams, without doing anything. That truly is not the case. Do you think J.K. Rowling achieved her dream of becoming a bestselling author with no hard work? Do you think any of the people who entertain us made it big without any practice or hard work? The answer to every single one of those question is, believe or not,  No. All those people had a dream and went for it, with hard work, and dedication. Do you think spending years writing seven hundred page books is easy? (I am not over exaggerating, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is 734 pages)

Dreams are not things that stays the same. Most people’s dreams change as their life goes on. When I was 7 I had my little heart set on being like Hannah Montana. Embarrassing, I know! Anyway the point is, my dream used to be wanting to become a pop star, now guess what it is? A lawyer then the president (as you know from earlier blogsJ), that is a really big change, and two totally different professions. I know some people that, every year, their dream changes. When you find the dream you know you want and would do anything for, you will know. Even if you haven’t found your one rock solid dream, you will and you will, and my advice to you is to always keep dreaming.

I have one request to the people reading this. Share, only if you are comfortable, and say if you had a dream and it changed or now you have two dreams. Share what I like to call a dream timeline. How your dreams have changed from your first dream, to the dream you are at now. Don’t be afraid to share, because everyone will be happy to hear what you have to share about. Everybody has different dreams, and it is very important we know the differences in each other. That is what makes this planet united. Our differences and different dreams are like puzzle pieces. Every piece is different but they come together to make something beautiful.

I’d like to share a quote with you that is very inspiring to me and I actually have it hanging in my house:

“Dream as if you will live forever, Live as if you will die today”

James Dean

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