If You Could Invite 3 People, Living or Dead to a Dinner, Who Would It Be?

A bit of fantasy here (not to mention a bit of procrastination….ok ok, a lot of procrastination)…

Suppose you decided to have a meet up of brilliant minds at the Affiliate Summit (take for instance The Steak Meetup hosted by the Aff Slayer himself, and you could invite two people, living or dead, whom would you invite and why?

As for me, I think I would like to invite:

Walter Payton – growing up in Chicago and being a life long Bears fan, he was taken away from us way too early. His work ethic was beyond anything I have seen and his sheer determination and will was one for the ages.

Ronald Reagan – Very admirable and his understanding of what America was, was unlike anyone else till then or even now.

Katrina Kaif – for obvious reasons ;-)

Your turn….let me know below and Have fun!

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