Affiliate Summit East 2013 – The Day After

Let me start off by saying that the Affiliate Summit 2013 East was quite productive, inspiring and insightful for the most part but that was mainly because of my attitude going into it. The location unfortunately as well as the show for the most part was a wee bit disappointing and left a lot to be desired.

Having said that, the Meet Market was quite productive and as a matter of fact I did not even get the chance to do a complete walk-thru as the people and companies I met with there were quite engaging and thus took most of my time.

There seems to be a shift taking place from the exhibitors exhibiting to the attendees attending. Definitely saw a lot more moms and people whom you would otherwise not expect to be in the affiliate/online marketing space. The most difficult thing for me to digest however was that I was NOT the only Sikh in attendance, which is just downright wrong and unacceptable. ;-) My inside sources tell me that this unidentified individual got a free hug on account of someone thinking it was me – fortunately or unfortunately it was from another guy so it’s all good.

Being the astute individual I am – I wanted to share some observations and takeaways so you know fully what to expect should the next ASE take place in this location:

1) The Del Frisco’s was absolutely amazing, definitely better than the one in Vegas and NY. Kudos to Becky our waitress for putting up with our self-deprecating humor.

2) Downtown Philly can be a scary place and I suggest you use caution and travel in groups.

3) For whatever reason my internal navigation system just did not want to function optimally, felt very disoriented. I compare my navigational experience to a media buy which had to be split tested and optimized very frequently and on the fly (see what I did there?).

4) I need to follow my own advice and instincts a lot more. Will leave it at that.

5) Brent, the CEO of Link Trust is a class act and I want to personally thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to share his insight and thoughts about the industry at large and specifically about the affiliate marketing niche.

Well – there you have it. My quick take on ASE 2013 and the “wonderful” city of Philadelphia. I am curios – what was your take on this conference and the location (obviously if you attended) and if you did not, the desert menu at Morimoto was overrated and it would serve them well to find another hostess, but that is a blog post for another day..


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