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Many of you may have seen the Price Explorer logo plastered on my Facebook timeline and mentioned in my tweets – well this is a new “fun” project a few of us have undertaken and with all the Google updates and algorithmic changes, the real challenge for us is to see if we can get this baby to rank effectively and efficiently (hopefully before the holiday rush).

As much as I am the “face” for Price Explorer – the true magic occurs out of a little home in Seattle from a guy named Vamsi Krishna, aka Vam. One of the most unassuming men I have met but probably one of the most intelligent. So what better venue than this for me to tell you a bit about him. I literally had to force him to stop working on the back end of the site to do this so I take great pride in bringing this to you.

Vamsi – please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got in this industry?

My wife and me worked on retail and banking industries for many years. Most of the IT companies we interacted with provide only limited services. We saw an opportunity to build a turnkey solution providing company utilizing the amazing talent in India. This thought kick-started Flexaweb Solutions, which provides flexible solutions to clients.

I worked with retail websites, which publish hundreds of coupons a day. But when we were searching for coupons we couldn’t find a reliable source for these coupons. Having an awesome team with us, we started planning to build something that stands out as a trusted source for coupon codes and promo codes;  henceforth started to work on Price Explorer (


You are the tech guru behind, how is this different from any other coupon site?

In a constantly changing world, we got to adapt to new technologies and devices. Price Explorer is the coupon site built for tomorrow. While building the website, we followed the mobile first approach. Price Explorer is easily navigable on any device and automatically adjusts to device orientations.

Security is one more aspect, which we started working on in very early stage of the project. We provide a secure way to browse the promo codes and manage user accounts. We have multiple security blocks to protect the website from spammers and bots.

We publish/update promotions all day long to make sure we offer up-to-date promotions to users. We promote each brand or merchant is the best possible way with logos and independent pages. Our sale event pages for back to school or Halloween shows handpicked deals for events.

Moreover, we have a very smart team with great passion for affiliate marketing.


Do you feel there is room for another coupon site with all the others that have been around for a while?

I agree there is a huge competition in coupon sites. We haven’t gotten into this thinking of whom to beat down; its our passion that guide us in building a better content-rich coupon site. We are creating a different space for us by being a more trusted source for coupons. Our end goal is to provide more savings to our customers.


What is your long range plans with this venture?

We are continuously working on adding new functionality such as cash back, location based coupons etc., Our motive is to send valuable traffic to merchants by providing fresh coupon codes and promo codes to users. More innovation is going into Price Explorer;  follow our blog to stay tuned.


Is the development being done locally or abroad? If abroad – does that pose any challenges for you?

Most of the development is handled in India. We have a great talented team with innovative ideas. The key challenge is the time zone differences and to communicate the requirements remotely; we got over this by following strict agile methodologies, which involves daily meetings to discuss and setting up weekly tasks.


What do you want the consumer/visitor to take away from the site?

Visitors would definitely feel secure while navigating less cluttered pages. Our search is fine tuned to render the most relevant coupons. Clean design and mobile friendly user interface get visitors to share and view links on any devices. Subscribe to our daily deals newsletter to get top promotions. Never stop exploring for coupons with Price Explorer.


Finally – I see you have been initiated as a PAB by Ricky and Chris and thus officially a Steak eater – how was the Affiliate Slayer Steak Up in Philly?

Most of our work and communication is done remotely. It’s great to get onsite and meet face-to-face with the greatest minds in the industry. We talked to multiple networks and everyone was really excited looking at our website. We received very good compliments from the people around and we are working towards long- lasting relationships.

Ricky and Chris are veterans in the affiliate industry and I am very happy to get a chance to work with them. Our meat’ings get us to talk more about improving and discuss latest trends in affiliate marketing. Overall it’s a delicious learning experience.



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