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  • Agencies That Give Back

    Bet You Didn’t Know What These 6 Agencies are Up To

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    Why are we in business? 9 out of 10 internet/affiliate marketers surveyed will tell you the obvious choice, to make money. Totally understandable, we all have bills to pay and this recent Federal shutdown obviously hasn’t helped. However, while that should be one of your reasons, it shouldn’t be the main goal. The popular way of thinking about this now is known as the law of attraction. When you focus on the good things that you can do for those around you, you start attracting what you want to you. Your focus shifts to all of the wonderful and positive things you want in your life.

    The purpose of any business is to solve a problem or fill a need. You do it by offering a product or service to the customer. If there is no need fulfilled or problem solved, there are no customers and therefore, no business. But there’s more and it always goes back to the customer. Every successful business owes it’s well-being to their customers and where do those people come from? Hopefully, you responded with, “the community” or in our case the “virtual community”.

    So how does one go about giving back? The obvious choice is to fund local charities or ones close to your heart. You know, like the children’s clubs, churches and local chapters of national organizations (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.). They can be of any size as long as someone benefits. You spread good will and establish yourself as an upstanding member of the community.

    Here are some companies doing good in our industry and certainly worth mentioning. BTW there are countless others that give also but specifically requested not to be mentioned as they prefer to give anonymously.


    Jen Mansfield @ DigThrive

    We donate a part of our profits to the WWF (http://worldwildlife.org/) as we’re big animal lovers. Our re-brand consists of using extinct animals on our site and our media materials. You can see our “coming soon” page here:  http://www.wearedig.com/  


    Chad French @ PeerFly.com

    Every year we give and help raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis and the Rotary Club. We also just gave/raised $25k for …read more

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    6 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear and Anxiety

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    Be it in business or in our personal lives, we have a tendency to let fear rule our lives, therefore – we miss out on opportunities which unfortunately lead us to dismiss people and situations that could otherwise help us attain our goals. Fear comes in different forms for everyone and this fear can be detrimental to you because it may stop you from living a normal happy life. Here are my top 6 steps to deal effectively with this uncomfortable emotion.

    Step 1) If you are prone to anxiety you have two choices: Give in to it or learn to live with it. By giving into it also means that your partner will suffer alongside you so, to make your life a better place to be, find ways to eliminate or at least limit this feeling by acknowledging your fear and emotion, taking responsibility for it and knowing you have a choice.


    Jennifer Rozario, The Click Network

    “When I need to deal with fear, I know I need to face it head on.  I analyze my fear, figure out ways to deal with it and project the outcome for each course I could take to overcome it.  Regardless of the outcome, the fear is lessened or alleviated if I don’t hide behind it and address it from the outset.”


    Step 2) This one may sound a bit harsh – but realize and appreciate the short duration of your life. No matter how much money you make, no matter how big of a house you have or what car you drive – no matter what disappointments and fears you feel you can’t overcome – you will die one day. So suck it up and fight back and tell fear to just kiss your a**.


    Jake Kauffman, JJR Media

    “I deal with fear by only worrying about what I can control in the present.”



    Step 3) Seek the company of supportive people and reduce contact with those who foster feelings of negativity and have a “fearful” approach to life. Go to your happy …read more

  • Peter main page

    Peter Klein – The Media Whiz

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    I have known Peter for a few years now and one of the most sincere and genuine person I know. Very astute and knowledgeable about the industry, he is one of the very few individuals I hold in high regard. He has a story worth sharing so here we go:

    Hey Peter, can you briefly tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I am the ultimate Gemini in that I am equally creative and analytical, good natured and evil genius, hard-working and playful…and actually a twin. I love sports, the outdoors, summer, amazing beer/wine and cigars as semi-aficionado, and especially being with my two daughters, Jessica (8) and Amanda (5). I was born and raised in Queens and Long Island, the latter where I live today.

    Do you think you achieved everything in Life or do you believe in saying “there are miles to go before I sleep”?

    While I am very happy with my life, I do believe work is never done. I am a “type A” in work and a “type B” in fun, going back to the Gemini theory. It is hard for me to rest if I know there is work to be done and shouldn’t be put off until the next day. This goes for business and private life. The sight of a “bold” (unread) email before turning in, or open items on a post-it note can be frustrating. You have to enjoy life, but you have to get things done – this helps fuel my sense of accomplishment.

    What was the turning point of your life?

    I’d say I have a few major turning points. When I was 17, a (hit and run) sedan cut off our car, forcing us into a telephone pole, in which I was sitting in the front passenger seat. I have a large scar across my forehead and jaw (which was broken) and took several months to heal. Then I would say 10 years ago giving up a Fortune 500 job full time to stop moonlighting as an affiliate. And most recently, having two daughters, as previously mentioned. All of …read more

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    Shama Kabani – Queen of Social Media

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    With the relaunch of my blog – I wanted to kick it off with a bang and I think I have done just that with this interview with Shama Kabani. She is the marketing and social media queen and definitely easy on the eyes. At such a young age she has been able to accomplish so much and there is no end in sight. Always traveling and speaking to world leaders – she was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to do this for me so for that I am honored. So here we go.

    1) Hi Shama, please tell us briefly about yourself and how you got started in this industry and moreover, your forte’ into social media.

    My roots are in academia. I did my thesis on why people use social media (specifically Twitter) when Twitter had only a few thousand users.
    Upon graduation, I found that the corporate world hadn’t caught up yet, so I started my own company – The Marketing Zen Group. I was also being bombarded
    by questions from people on how all this new media stuff really worked, so I wrote a book to help them called “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” –
    which is now in its 3rd edition.

    2) Your company is referred to as “Marketing Zen” – please elaborate how did this name come to be?

    I believe when we use social media and the online tools available to us in the way they were intended to be used,
    the process is seamless. It does take time and effort, but marketing doesn’t have to be a struggle. I’ve always like the concept
    that life doesn’t have to be a struggle. And, our team takes that struggle away for our clients. We provide that zen. We literally
    take over online marketing efforts for our clients so they can focus on growing their business.

    3) You are an avid speaker on the talk show circuit, is there a particular message you want to convey?

    I speak on a many topics, but entrepreneurship and empowering young people is very high on my list.

    4) How important is it to you …read more