6 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear and Anxiety

Be it in business or in our personal lives, we have a tendency to let fear rule our lives, therefore – we miss out on opportunities which unfortunately lead us to dismiss people and situations that could otherwise help us attain our goals. Fear comes in different forms for everyone and this fear can be detrimental to you because it may stop you from living a normal happy life. Here are my top 6 steps to deal effectively with this uncomfortable emotion.

Step 1) If you are prone to anxiety you have two choices: Give in to it or learn to live with it. By giving into it also means that your partner will suffer alongside you so, to make your life a better place to be, find ways to eliminate or at least limit this feeling by acknowledging your fear and emotion, taking responsibility for it and knowing you have a choice.


JenniferJennifer Rozario, The Click Network

“When I need to deal with fear, I know I need to face it head on.  I analyze my fear, figure out ways to deal with it and project the outcome for each course I could take to overcome it.  Regardless of the outcome, the fear is lessened or alleviated if I don’t hide behind it and address it from the outset.”


Step 2) This one may sound a bit harsh – but realize and appreciate the short duration of your life. No matter how much money you make, no matter how big of a house you have or what car you drive – no matter what disappointments and fears you feel you can’t overcome – you will die one day. So suck it up and fight back and tell fear to just kiss your a**.


jakeJake Kauffman, JJR Media

“I deal with fear by only worrying about what I can control in the present.”



Step 3) Seek the company of supportive people and reduce contact with those who foster feelings of negativity and have a “fearful” approach to life. Go to your happy place – take a moment to get out of the cubical we call life and BREATHE. Hug your kids, play a round of golf, let out a big one – it’s your life – LIVE IT.


StaceyStacy Sicard, Total Marketing Systems

Quoted another author: “she took the leap and built her wings on the way down”






Step 4) Fear usually arises from an event or an occurrence in your past, and like the stock market where past performance is not an indication of the future, YOUR past doesn’t have to define your future. Be aware of your past and willing to let go of it. Each day brings a new opportunity to do and think about things differently.


Step 5) Start a positivity journal; every night write down three to five things that you are grateful for. Become aware of all the good that surrounds you. Do something positive for someone you don’t know – it may be minuscule in your mind but can change the whole perspective for someone else.


markMark Roth, Offer Vault

I have found that the best thing do to in overcoming fear is to take action. If you wait and do too much mulling over, it will only get worse, so best to hit it head on. If you think about it, fear is probably the greatest cause of procrastination, so it only makes sense that acting quickly will get you over the fear and you will feel much better.


Step 6) As George Michael said. “You Gotta Have Faith” (brownie points for anyone who comments below and tells me who I am referring to). When you are anxious, a great way to get out of it is to find and have some faith. Believing that things will get better is sometimes all it takes to make it better. Law of Attraction. It also helps to never underestimate the power of positive prayer or visualization; if it can cure cancer it can also reduce your anxiety.


kevincapKevin De Vincenzi,

Rapid Response Marketing: What Does It Mean to Be Fearless 

About 15 years ago I had some major life changes and went from a rock solid attitude of nothing can phase me to holy shit I do not feel well, cannot breathe well and what if ….and literally did not leave my house for weeks at a time. My journey with fear came to a halt when I discovered I could not change anything that may happen and I would be better off just going for it and not worrying about “what if” something bad will happen. I have learned to trust my intuition and experience on everything in life.  Since then I have lived a virtually fear free life.

Fear is a very powerful emotion and it is instilled in us when we are born as a “fight or flight ” response when danger is imminent although it is useful if let’s say you were being chased by a bear, it is generally not. Ask yourself, “what is the worst thing that could happen” and in reality what is the probability of that happening? Once you get to grips with your fears you will feel like a whole new person. In business it is the same approach:

How many highly intelligent people do you see just never doing anything great? It’s called “paralysis by analysis” If Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs ever thought What if no one would buy my product or would join my site then we may have never experienced 2 of the largest parts of our lives right now :)

Step out of what is comfortable and confront your fears. Once you feel in control of them then you can really turn your fear into excitement!  The ClickFather™

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