According to science, there are numerous reasons why we lack efficiency on a daily basis. From rainy weather and wrong foods to the direct impact of the person sitting next to us, these are all little imposters trying to put us off our game. Although there is some truth in that external factors affect our mood, there are no excuses for not practicing how to concentrate and focus more on boosting your positive mindset.

Do you feel like you could be more productive, but can’t find the time nor an interesting method to work on your skills? Welcome to the quick course of interesting, yet easy ways to boost your productivity.

Trick Your Mind

Throughout the day, we face dreadful tasks for which the first thought that comes to mind is usually: “I don’t want to do this.” Yet again, if you listen to what science has to say, one can hear the whispers repeatedly – just do it.   

Nevertheless, there is a productive approach to solving this dilemma. Have you heard of structured procrastination? Basically, the trick is that everyone has the right to put an important job on hold while starting a different, more appealing task from the to-do list.

Use flexible deadlines to redecorate the space or finish easier duties. Once it comes to dull tasks, reverse the point of view. By convincing the brain that these simple requirements are priorities, then slightly repelling chores will seem tempting soon enough.

Also, before going to a workplace or getting lost in the internet pages over your phone, check your emails and other profiles first thing in the morning. Then leave it until the work is done. Removing online distractions will drastically improve productivity.

Motivational Content

There is nothing wrong with finding a bit of inspiration in idols or adorable puppy pictures. A Hiroshima University study even recommends it! Looking at cute images or positive posters that trigger good emotions improves the overall performance, especially with stressful tasks or tasks that require extra attention.

The study participants completed the task with great accuracy, especially those inspired by kittens and puppies. So, securing a furry friend may be just the boost you were searching for.      

Listen to Music Vibes

Want to find comfort in repetitive tasks? Listen to music and let it put the active in pro. Their favorite music puts people in an encouraging mood which immediately affects their performance. Though if you find it off-putting, try finding a calming playlist that won’t affect your attention.

This applies to noisy spaces and offices as well. Disconnecting yourself from the crowd and background debates is simple since music offers the key to the perfect escape. The tiring routine can always be broken by letting the creative juices flow into positive and soothing sounds.

Use More Senses

Scented candles and mixed oils are not useless “feminine” products. These fragrances can help to boost focus and increase energy, apart from making the space smell delightful. Scents such as lemon, jasmine, peppermint, lavender, or cinnamon calm the nerves, relieve the built-up tension, stimulate the thinking process, and straighten the immune system. The sense of smell is our strongest attribute, as it stimulates the brain in so many beneficial ways. Use it wisely by practicing aromatherapy to notice positive results and evolve in a more efficient individual.

Sleep and Rest More Often

Sleep and rest more to improve productivity? One might think that this really sounds quirky and useless. However, research show that naps affect our brain functions. It is already familiar that eight hours of sleep helps our body and mind heal, so there is no difference with short naps.

Try scheduling short naps between brakes and any time the chance presents itself. Taking the time to rest is the best choice for improving memory and enhancing energy levels, as afterwards, we can approach tasks with a fresh and rejuvenated focus. The same applies for taking breaks and letting your mind unwind in order to regain its mental capacities.

Find Green Spots & Laugh

Life is simple until we make it complicated. Every time you feel the pressure rising and your motivation decreasing, go outside for a break. Go on nature expeditions and use the benefits of a bright day. Find a nearby park and breathe, take it all in, and then slowly release the tension out in the open.

The main benefits of nature lies in trees and natural lighting. Trees can ease mental fatigue and improve concentration, while light exposure is directly linked to sleep and vitality. Artificial lighting sources and working in shadows or closed spaces disturb attentiveness and energy. That is why it is crucial to maintain Cortisone levels in check and decrease stress by soaking in energizing sun rays. 

Likewise, don’t forget to increase the blood flow to the brain by laughing. Feeling happier means being productive, so find something to look forward to and schedule picnic pauses with a bunch of friends and coworkers.

Chew a Gum

Chewing gum is also a suitable method for a quick productivity boost. Apparently, positive cognitive brain functions are related to the simple use of gum. The first 12 to 15 minutes, before starting with your duties, chew some gum to activate the voice of reason and increase performance. However, don’t forget to spit it out and only then start with work, as successful results are solely limited to pre-activity chewing.

There are various approaches for exhausted productivity lacking individuals who can’t focus and are being dragged down by day-to-day distractions. Although the World Wide Web regularly continues to tempt us with interesting content, nothing can make the mind at ease more than lovely imagery that invites smiles. Therefore smile often, and smile with friends. And, of course, always have a piece of gum in your pocket, as a little boost of cognitive thinking always comes in handy.

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