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    Top 5 Obstacles to Overcome with Social Media

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    For many, social media marketing seems like a daunting task. This is mainly due to the fact that they don’t truly understand how easy it can be. It’s not something that takes a rocket scientist to figure it out. In fact, here are 5 different ways that you can get the most out of social media marketing.

    Plan for success, you won’t regret it

    Take the time to understand what your goals are with social media marketing. Learn how to create a social media marketing strategy and how to engage with your network. By doing this, you’ll be able to have a solid plan to follow while ensuring that your intentions are to create the best presence possible on social media for your brand/company.

    Don’t just count on an organic reach

    It would be great if we could immediately get our desired results on organic efforts alone. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There comes a time when you have to seek out paid social media marketing efforts to see the results that you crave.

    All of the major social media networks have embraced paid advertising, which opens up quite the avenue when it comes to promotion. Take some time (and money) to explore the options available on your preferred social network(s). You never know, it may help the size of your audience grow tremendously.

    Social media posting doesn’t have to be time-consuming

    Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and other social media tools allow you to stop wasting time on crafting/posting just the right posts. Not only do they provide you with a deeper understanding of your audience and your presence, but they allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time.

    This is where you want to sit down and craft several posts to schedule. By doing this, you’ll be able to fill your time with other actions needed to enhance the growth of your business.

    Content analysis works wonders

    The content that you publish on social media is what’s going to determine whether or not you see the right results. From using the information provided with your social media tool of choice to seeing which content has …read more

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    Using Positivity to Enhance Your Business

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    Being successful in business is what many entrepreneurs desire. Living a life of positivity will help you boost the success of your business while contributing to a happier self. The tone that you end up setting in life has more of an effect professionally than you might realize.

    When times get rough, it may prove to be difficult to hold your head high and carry on. However, here are a few simple ways that you can add to the success of your business by staying positive even in what may seem like the roughest times.

    Get a basic understanding of the psychology behind positivity

    Let’s face it. Positivity can rub off on others which could lead to one of the most epic moments in your life. When we focus on the positive side of life, it becomes so contagious that those around you are going to benefit from it as well.

    All too often we focus on how bad something is rather than how good something is. This leads people down the road to where everything seems impossible. Taking the positive road allows us to find our “happy medium” while embracing logical solutions. Instead of letting failure drag us down, it drives us forward to the next milestone.

    Be an inspiration to others by being driven

    You set your own pace in life, and you also choose how others will perceive you. By not allowing yourself to get knocked out in hard times, you can prove that there’s nothing that’s going to keep you down. A true leader will always pick themselves up in the end.

    By being able to make it through the roughest times, you can be considered to be a true role model to those who look up to in your business. Become so motivated about things that it provides others with the gleam of light they need to take the next step.

    You are your #1 fan

    Sometimes we’re the only motivators in our lives. This is especially true when we’re doing something that’s unique to us or a specific group of people. Always cheer yourself on to completing your next milestone, …read more

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    The Reason Why Successful People Love Failure

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    Failing may seem depressing, but it’s only that way if you make it. Many successful people around the world have failed miserably, but also used it to help propel their success even further. When it comes down to it, you are the one in control.

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use failure to your advantage.

    Failure could light the path ahead of you

    Just because you fail doesn’t mean it’s time to stop. Instead, it shows that it’s time to do something differently. This is the mindset that many of the world’s most successful people have embraced prior to coming up with their big break.

    Instead of looking at failure as something negative, look at it as something that’s helping you get closer to your next big success. You just might be surprised at how much of a difference this can make and how a simple modification could lead you to bigger and better things.

    Failure can be used as a form of education

    Take time to dissect what went wrong. By doing this you can embrace a priceless learning opportunity. After all, behind every failure is a reason that things went the way that they did.

    If you take the time to find these reasons out, your tactics will become sharper. Many successful people have looked deep into their failures for answers, and later came upon some of their biggest breakthroughs.

    Failure tests one’s strength

    The weak will get stopped right out of the gate. However, the stronger ones are the ones that you see barreling through the obstacles that attempt to slow them down. Only the strong ones are able to end up living their success story, while those who are easy to give up get left in the dust.

    Failure is a distinguishing accomplishment

    This is why you often see successful people glorifying failure during their journey. It’s almost like a merit badge one earns after proving they have what it takes to survive the wrath of failure. This is because they knew that in order to succeed, they had to fail. And the failure they had to go …read more

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    The Life of Sikhs: Living in a Misunderstood World

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    It seems to be getting even more common for attacks to be made on members of the Sikh community. A lot of it has to do with a biased view that automatically misinterprets Sikhs as those linked to acts of terrorism.

    The truth is that this could be changed if people would simply approach Sikhism with an open mind and understand that just because someone wears a turban, it doesn’t mean that they’re a terrorist.

    Let’s take a look at the current state of Sikhs being targeted.

    Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world, and it is the most misunderstood one. Here are just a few of the recent events in which Sikhs were targeted.

    Fresno Sikhs Are On High Alert After 2 Attacks Against 2 Elderly Sikhs

    A recent attack was a beating on December 26, 2015 by 2 men involving Amrik Singh Bal who is 68 years old. He was wearing a turban at the time, and had just finished up his shift on the farm. The beating occurred while he was waiting to be picked up.

    Shortly after that, on New Year’s Day, Gurcharan Singh Gill was attacked while working his shift at a liquor store. The attack turned into a stabbing that killed him.

    American Airlines Isn’t Immune from Targeting a Sikh

    After enjoying birthday celebrations in New York City, 2 Muslims and a Sikh were the target of a misunderstanding by American Airlines employees. Their plane was grounded until they were removed from the plane. The claimed reasoning for this is that crew members and others “felt uneasy and uncomfortable” with their presence.

    Driving his route, this Sikh bus driver was attacked

    A Sikh bus driver that was driving his route was attacked, being called a “suicide bomber” and “terrorist.” This all occurred while driving down the road which forced him to fight to keep control. Local authorities were failing to treat this as a hate crime, which has made the Sikh community of Los Angeles uneasy.

    Understanding the Beliefs of Sikhs

    Sikhs believe that unless you live a life full of good …read more

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    5 Facts About Success that Will Blow Your Mind

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    We see a lot of people talking about success, but what does it really mean? Here are 5 facts about the journey ahead that are sure to help you see what you can get if you remain determined to reach the level of success in everything that you do.

    Success comes after failure

    The best success stories come after one fails. Failure is inevitable, but it also can provide you with the knowledge you need to prosper. If failure scares you, then success just might not be yours for the taking. However, if it inspires you, be prepared for the best outcome possible.

    Success doesn’t come easy

    You have to put in work and deal with a lot in order to become successful. There’s going to be times when it may seem impossible, but you just have to keep pushing. If you want something easy, you’d probably be better off punching the time clock and helping someone else build their dream.

    However, if you’re willing to deal with difficulty, success is yours for the taking. It’s simply a matter of how hard you’re willing to work in order to get what you want in life.

    Success isn’t guaranteed

    No matter how you try to crack it, success isn’t something that can be guaranteed. It’s not something you get through luck either. The success that you receive is determined on how hard you’re willing to work for it. And that’s the bottom line.

    Success won’t “make” you

    The only way to become made is to live a life that you’re happy with. By emitting the true kind of person that you are. Regardless of how many people try to say that success will make you, the truth is that it’s only a trait that you gain after putting in the work.

    This is exactly why you see unhappy people even after they reach their definition of success. They thought that success would make them, but refused to understand that they’re the only …read more

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    How Traveling Can Boost Your Productivity

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    Traveling has always been looked at as a way to get away, but one thing that many don’t think about is that it can boost your creativity as well. In the advertising field, creativity is a must and it’s ultimately what sorts the best out from the rest.

    Many people travel just to get away, but what many don’t realize is they can use it to sharpen their creative mind. With that said, let’s take a look at a few of the ways that traveling has been proven to enhance creativity.

    The “regular” routine can be broken.

    We’re all too used to what’s considered the usual way of getting things done. While having a routine makes most people feel comfortable, it can greatly hinder your creative state. When you’re traveling, you tend to be more open to change than you are at home.

    When you travel, try to change up the way you do things. Don’t be bound to the “usual” routine, but rather be open-minded that there are alternative ways to get thing done. If you’re at home, you can unleash this opportunity by taking in new places locally.

    Traveling allows us to embrace different experiences.

    Every part of the world allows us to experience a different kind of culture. This is why it’s nearly impossible to boost your creativity if you don’t immerse yourself in the culture that surrounds you. By doing this you’ll be able to see things a different way.

    Combine that with relating the difference with your usual state of mind and you’re sure to go about things with a more open mind which leads to doing things differently that are sure to set you apart. Not to mention, this often leads people to feeling more inspired to do things than those who don’t take advantage of the benefits that traveling has to offer.

    Different environments provide a change of scenery.

    A change of scenery has been proven not only to help people get more things done, but also to be more creative on …read more

  • Happy New Year's From Our Family to Yours

    How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

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    What a year it has been. Seen the highest highs and lowest lows, but that is life and makes us who we are. With another new year on the way it’s that time when people start to think about their resolutions. What many don’t realize is that their setting themselves up for failure. Every single year you see all of these New Year’s resolutions from people who end up having to admit to failure.

    Let’s take a closer look at how you can become one of the few successful ones. Keep in mind that this isn’t sugar-coated, so if you want soft you’ll have to look elsewhere.

    Knowing what you want is just too easy.

    Everyone knows what they want, but they usually don’t take into account what it takes to get there. For example, an average person would say “I want to lose 25 pounds.” A person who is determined to achieve it would say “By exercising regularly and eating a healthier diet, I’ll lose weight.” See the difference?

    When you want to do something, you need to map out the steps. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll call it developing a plan of action. If you follow this, you’re sure to achieve your goal(s).

    Remember, success happens after long nights.

    Well maybe not. A lot of successful people achieve their goals after long days. Either way, success isn’t going to come easy for you. If it did everyone would be doing it.

    You have to dedicate yourself to achieving your goals. If you’re not dedicated, you won’t see the results that you want to see. All successful people end up dedicating themselves to their purpose in life. Anyone who says they don’t are lying, and that’s the bottom line.

    Don’t sell yourself short, do the impossible.

    One of the biggest setbacks that people face with their New Year’s resolutions is that they commit to doing the minimum. This isn’t good, but neither is overwhelming yourself. In order to actually feel accomplished after reaching your goal(s), challenge yourself to take it to the next level.

    This means to not stop when you have accomplished what you wanted. Take …read more

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    How to Overcome a Horrific Injury or Setback (Both in Life and Sports)

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    I am sure by now you have heard about the gruesome injury to the Indiana Pacers start Paul George. I will spare you the details but he sustained a leg injury that will sideline him presumably for all of next year. You hate to see this type of injury to anyone, he has a long road to recovery ahead but not one that can’t be overcome with courage, guts and determination.

    Whether it be on the basketball court or in your professional career, experiencing a setback can be very disheartening. There’s nothing like being on the verge of major success, only to have it stripped away by an unfortunate turn of events. Whether you’re an athlete who has experienced an injury, or someone who has experienced a setback in your personal life, the following tips and strategies should help you pull through.

    Build Relationships with People Experiencing the Same Thing

    There’s nothing more effective for maintaining your sanity during a setback than by building relationships with people who’ve also experienced the same thing. For example, if you’re a baseball player who has sprained your ankle, perhaps try finding comfort in other baseball players who have undergone the same thing. On a more personal note, if you’ve just been laid off from your job, it always helps to relate with other individuals who have also experienced this same setback.

    Pick a New Sport or Hobby

    Just because you’ve become injured, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t participate in any other sport. Just because you’ve broken your arm, doesn’t mean that you can’t take up bowling or table tennis. Acquiring a new sport, even for the time being, can help you forget about the road to recovery and help you better enjoy your time off. The same principle applies in all areas of life as well. For instance, if your store has recently gone out of business, use this an opportunity to build a new business in a different industry.

    Create Meaningful Goals

    A goal can give you something to look forward to after a major setback. Ask any athlete whose been injured and they’ll tell …read more

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    6 Takeaways From Affiliate Summit West 2014

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    Let me start off by saying that this was one of the most productive conferences I have been to in a long time. Maybe it was a clear focus or perhaps just the people I ran into, either way it was one that I expect to have a high ROI on. That being said – I have a few takeaways from it that I want to share below:

    1) Regardless of how busy Shawn and Missy and their gang are, they have always taken the time to say hello. They are also a fun batch to party with.

    2) Darrin throws one hell of a party at the Affiliate Ball. Like Shawn and Missy above, will always go out of his way to say hello.

    3) Wiz and the guys from the Millionaire Network had the best booth by far, very classy and exclusive. Wiz is one of the most unassuming guys I have met in a while. Kudos to the whole team.

    4) Pace is on of the most misunderstood guys I have come across. He is actually extremely funny at all the right times. Not sure if that is the alcohol doing its thing – but give him a shout, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    5) Congratulations to all the Top 20 Networks as chosen by mThink. One thing I will say however that few of the top ones have a common characteristic and that is that they are governed by family values and ethics. They all have a front person who does not hide behind a corporate curtain and all extremely approachable. Affiliate Venture Group included. #dontfeartheturban #dontfearthebeard

    6) I can finally say my turban and image have become a undeniable brand. Sure there have been others who have tried – but this guy remains a constant and a recognizable one at that.
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    7 Reasons Why It Pays To Be a Convict!

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    We can all learn from our mistakes, and former stockbroker turned motivational speaker Jordan Belfort illustrates how much this is true. He served 22 months in prison for fraud and made the life-changing decision to turn that tragedy into triumph by writing and speaking about his experiences.

    Lessons for success in life and business from a man who has seen both sides of the story:


    1. Your Are Your Biggest Fan (Or Worst Critic)

    There is only one thing that stands between you and success, and that is the story you are telling yourself. When you unleash yourself from the prison that is your mind and free yourself from the tape that is running in your head, the world will open up for you. You are not your past.


    2. It’s All In Your Perspective

    If you want things to change, change the way you look at them. This bit of Zen knowledge is ancient in its wisdom and contemporary in its effect. Do not keep yourself locked into only one way of thinking. Expand your horizons, turn things upside down, and listen to ideas that are outside of your comfort zone.


    3. Provide Value

    Create something that has value and people will line up to buy it. Look around and see where there is a need that you can fulfill. Sometimes it can be the smallest most insignificant thing. Have you ever seen a product and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Now is your chance to keep thinking and never stop brainstorming.


    4. Perseverance is Paramount

    Never give up. It does not matter how many times you fail, the only thing that is important is how many times you get back up. Keep going. Create your own circumstances and do not wait for opportunity.


    5. Eat, Sleep and Breathe Your Passion

    A winner will have two words in his or her vocabulary that are extremely important and those words are ‘must’ and ‘will.’ When you wake up in the morning, you recite to yourself the things that you must do and you will do. Do not think about the things that you will not do. Negatives have no …read more

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    Another Year – Another Resolution: 5 Steps to a Better 2014

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    New Years’ resolutions have a nasty habit of remaining unfulfilled. Sure, we eventually mean to get around to accomplishing the goals we’ve set for ourselves, but we never actually nut up and do it. Instead, we procrastinate. We make excuses, we distract ourselves, and we ultimately fall into a routine of stubbornly failing to accomplish anything.  It’s something of a New Years’ tradition.

    Have you ever thought that the problem might not be with us, but with the goals we’re setting for ourselves?

    Think of a resolution as an obstacle which you’re tasked with overcoming using whatever self-improvement tools in your arsenal. Keep in mind that those tools can only do so much – and can only go so far – before they reach the limits of their usefulness. What I’m basically trying to say here is that unless you set reasonable, realistic goals for yourself, you may as well be trying to use a hammer to demolish a skyscraper.

    To that end, I’ve put together a few basic guidelines to keep in mind when putting together your resolution, to help you ensure that you’ll actually be able to achieve it.


    Choose One Thing to Improve Upon

    The first, most important piece of advice I can give is to keep things simple. It’s better to successfully and significantly improve one element of your life than it is to try haphazardly taking on ten different goals (and failing to achieve any of them).  This year, think of one trait, flaw, or routine you want to be rid of or improve upon above all others, and focus exclusively on that.

    Draw Up A Plan

    Once you’ve figured out what you want to work on, it’s time to put together a game plan. A New years’ Resolution isn’t something you can simply blunder towards, after all: it’s an ongoing process, consisting of multiple steps, goals, and pitfalls.  If you’ve got at least a basic plan for each step of that process, you’ll maximize your chances of actually succeeding. Basically, you’re going to need to do a bit of homework.

    Let’s say, for example, that you want to lose weight.  You …read more

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    Peerfly Exposed!!

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    Everywhere I look – all I see is Peerfly banners and publishers talking about Peerfly this, Peerfly that. Each year they make the Top Affiliate Networks in Perform Insider (along with my former company Affiliate Venture Group – but that is a discussion for another day). Why is it that these guys were able to take the affiliate marketing industry by storm and leave everyone else in the dust? Short of me pimping their t-shirts everywhere, there had to be another reason.

    Well as they say – good companies come from good people and the team over at PF exudes goodness – from their employees, to their founder and to even the founder’s wife and kids – absolutely adorable.

    Chad was kind enough to take the time to let me know what drives him and what makes PF work and more importantly, what they are doing to give back with all their success.


    Chad, can you briefly tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the Internet Marketing industry?

    I’m a 28-year-old husband and father of 3. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a boy and fell in love with the Internet when my dad brought home our first computer in 1999. Almost immediately after getting online, I started learning how to develop websites. My passions collided and I infused myself into the online ad industry full time in 2005. I started making a real living from it in 2007. I developed the first crude version of PeerFly in late 2008, launched in January of 2009, and the rest is history.

    Do you think you’ve achieved everything in life or do you believe in saying “there are miles to go before I sleep”?

    If I knew in 2005 where I’d be in 2013, I’d say my 2013 self would be the pinnacle of achievement. Now that I’m here, I feel like I’ve hardly touched the surface. Even though I believe “success” is how you personally define it, the irony is people’s threshold of success always increases as they reach it. So, to answer your question – I will always …read more

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    What Does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

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    It’s almost turkey time, Thanksgiving is just a few day away, yummmm (yes, the Red Robin jingle). It seems to come around quicker and quicker every year! One thing that I always ask myself this time of year as I am sure you do, “what does Thanksgiving mean to me?”

    It seems like it would be such a simple question, but I find myself being thankful for the same things. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing, but shouldn’t we really find something different to be thankful on top of everything else that we already have been?

    I have been pondering this question the entire month. What else could I possibly add to my list besides my family, friends, and health? I just had no clue! I am thankful for each one of those things, but it actually seemed kind of selfish to be to not be thankful for more.

    Then it hit me the other day while I was picking up a few odds and ends in preparation of the big day. I had already gone through the store and got all the items that I needed too. When I arrived at the checkout line I spotted a disgruntled lady, begging the cashier to run her food stamp card just one time. This woman, who was an older lady, was told by the cashier that the system had been down all day. No matter how many times that she tried to run the card that it would not work because the system was still down.

    Normally, I would have been just mildly sympathetic for a woman in this situation. Even slightly agitated that she was holding up a line full of customers waiting to pay for their own groceries. The woman had apparently been up there already for a good amount of time, as the customers behind her were visibly annoyed at the scene that she was creating. Some of them even mumbling to where the woman could hear them, “she needed to hurry up, that her card was no good today”. I could see myself also becoming one of …read more

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    Sikhs and The Great Divide aka The Gap – See What I Did There?

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    Most advertisements, unless they are truly poignant or provocative, tend to be no more than background noise to me, however I was indeed shocked by the recent Gap advertisement that featured a turban-wearing Sikh man posing provocatively with a beautiful woman who was draped all over him. The ad, to be honest, left me feeling queasy and a bit uncomfortable and uncertain.

    In my initial reaction, you could say I felt insulted. How dare this mere clothing company show such disrespect toward my faith and attempt to make money off the Sikh culture? But as I considered the ad further, I suddenly realized that Gap had actually done my people a huge favor in helping us to bridge the gap that has existed between Sikhs and much of Western culture. We have become a fashion statement.

    Making The Unfamiliar Familiar

    Much of the West is unfamiliar with Sikh traditions and beliefs. We have been lumped in with the faithful of Islam and, after the attacks of 9/11, have been terrorized by those who see our “dastar” and beards as signs we are the terrorists. In fact, Sikhs have been subjected to abuse and bigotry since the first of our faith arrived in America 100 years ago. Our turbans have been drawn onto the heads of ghastly cartoon characters and our ways have been characterized as isolating and standoffish.

    Now with that image of Waris Ahluwalia, an attractive and highly successful Sikh, adorning billboards, we have been brought into the mainstream. I am no longer a strange looking individual, but a member of a recognizable group just as others belong to groups. The shade of mystery has lightened.

    I have read the complaints of some in the Sikh community who say that they are offended by the representation in the ad of female model who seems to be disrespectfully pushing down on the turban and touching Waris “lustfully.” I have seen much worse depictions deliberately mocking Sikhs as snake charmers. Instead, I view the ad as showing others, in a way they can understand, how Sikhs are a part of the society we live …read more

  • photo (6)

    When Others Talk – I Listen

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    I am sure all of you are somewhat tired of me constantly talking about my wife and how awesome she is – but being her birthday today, I just had to say it one more time: She is Awesome and Happy Birthday Jaan Ji.

    But the point of this blog post is not so you can hear me speak about her again – but I wanted to share with you what her family had to say. I have posted below in no particular order all of their blessings and thoughts. I figured this would be a great venu to share some of those loving messages so here we go.

    First one is someone who I commonly refer to as MIL and FIL, my mother in law, father in law and obviously, Navleen’s mom and dad:

    I was so blessed when Navleen was born , it was a dream come true . I always wanted my first child to be daughter … And I am so blessed when God fulfilled my wish. I love this song which expresses my feelings … Mere Ghar Aai Ek Nanhi Pari … I can never forget that day when I hold her first time in my arm .. When I touched her warm cute little hands feet and kissed her forehead . I am so proud she has turn into young beautiful daughter .. A beautiful wife and a wonderful mother and above all a great physician . Navu god bless you and always be with you in each step of you life … Many many happy returns of the day .

    Happy birthday and lots of Love from mama and papa .


    Next up is Harneet – her younger sister and the gate keeper who I had to get past in order to marry Navleen:

    Wishing a great big sister a very happy birthday! Always remember, if you fall, I will pick you up…… As soon as I’m done laughing.
    Just kidding!!! Hope you have a fabulous day and year filled with happiness and joy. And may Waheguru …read more

  • Agencies That Give Back

    Bet You Didn’t Know What These 6 Agencies are Up To

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    Why are we in business? 9 out of 10 internet/affiliate marketers surveyed will tell you the obvious choice, to make money. Totally understandable, we all have bills to pay and this recent Federal shutdown obviously hasn’t helped. However, while that should be one of your reasons, it shouldn’t be the main goal. The popular way of thinking about this now is known as the law of attraction. When you focus on the good things that you can do for those around you, you start attracting what you want to you. Your focus shifts to all of the wonderful and positive things you want in your life.

    The purpose of any business is to solve a problem or fill a need. You do it by offering a product or service to the customer. If there is no need fulfilled or problem solved, there are no customers and therefore, no business. But there’s more and it always goes back to the customer. Every successful business owes it’s well-being to their customers and where do those people come from? Hopefully, you responded with, “the community” or in our case the “virtual community”.

    So how does one go about giving back? The obvious choice is to fund local charities or ones close to your heart. You know, like the children’s clubs, churches and local chapters of national organizations (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.). They can be of any size as long as someone benefits. You spread good will and establish yourself as an upstanding member of the community.

    Here are some companies doing good in our industry and certainly worth mentioning. BTW there are countless others that give also but specifically requested not to be mentioned as they prefer to give anonymously.


    Jen Mansfield @ DigThrive

    We donate a part of our profits to the WWF ( as we’re big animal lovers. Our re-brand consists of using extinct animals on our site and our media materials. You can see our “coming soon” page here:  


    Chad French @

    Every year we give and help raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis and the Rotary Club. We also just gave/raised $25k for …read more

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    6 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear and Anxiety

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    Be it in business or in our personal lives, we have a tendency to let fear rule our lives, therefore – we miss out on opportunities which unfortunately lead us to dismiss people and situations that could otherwise help us attain our goals. Fear comes in different forms for everyone and this fear can be detrimental to you because it may stop you from living a normal happy life. Here are my top 6 steps to deal effectively with this uncomfortable emotion.

    Step 1) If you are prone to anxiety you have two choices: Give in to it or learn to live with it. By giving into it also means that your partner will suffer alongside you so, to make your life a better place to be, find ways to eliminate or at least limit this feeling by acknowledging your fear and emotion, taking responsibility for it and knowing you have a choice.


    Jennifer Rozario, The Click Network

    “When I need to deal with fear, I know I need to face it head on.  I analyze my fear, figure out ways to deal with it and project the outcome for each course I could take to overcome it.  Regardless of the outcome, the fear is lessened or alleviated if I don’t hide behind it and address it from the outset.”


    Step 2) This one may sound a bit harsh – but realize and appreciate the short duration of your life. No matter how much money you make, no matter how big of a house you have or what car you drive – no matter what disappointments and fears you feel you can’t overcome – you will die one day. So suck it up and fight back and tell fear to just kiss your a**.


    Jake Kauffman, JJR Media

    “I deal with fear by only worrying about what I can control in the present.”



    Step 3) Seek the company of supportive people and reduce contact with those who foster feelings of negativity and have a “fearful” approach to life. Go to your happy …read more

  • Peter main page

    Peter Klein – The Media Whiz

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    I have known Peter for a few years now and one of the most sincere and genuine person I know. Very astute and knowledgeable about the industry, he is one of the very few individuals I hold in high regard. He has a story worth sharing so here we go:

    Hey Peter, can you briefly tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I am the ultimate Gemini in that I am equally creative and analytical, good natured and evil genius, hard-working and playful…and actually a twin. I love sports, the outdoors, summer, amazing beer/wine and cigars as semi-aficionado, and especially being with my two daughters, Jessica (8) and Amanda (5). I was born and raised in Queens and Long Island, the latter where I live today.

    Do you think you achieved everything in Life or do you believe in saying “there are miles to go before I sleep”?

    While I am very happy with my life, I do believe work is never done. I am a “type A” in work and a “type B” in fun, going back to the Gemini theory. It is hard for me to rest if I know there is work to be done and shouldn’t be put off until the next day. This goes for business and private life. The sight of a “bold” (unread) email before turning in, or open items on a post-it note can be frustrating. You have to enjoy life, but you have to get things done – this helps fuel my sense of accomplishment.

    What was the turning point of your life?

    I’d say I have a few major turning points. When I was 17, a (hit and run) sedan cut off our car, forcing us into a telephone pole, in which I was sitting in the front passenger seat. I have a large scar across my forehead and jaw (which was broken) and took several months to heal. Then I would say 10 years ago giving up a Fortune 500 job full time to stop moonlighting as an affiliate. And most recently, having two daughters, as previously mentioned. All of …read more

  • shama feature image

    Shama Kabani – Queen of Social Media

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    With the relaunch of my blog – I wanted to kick it off with a bang and I think I have done just that with this interview with Shama Kabani. She is the marketing and social media queen and definitely easy on the eyes. At such a young age she has been able to accomplish so much and there is no end in sight. Always traveling and speaking to world leaders – she was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to do this for me so for that I am honored. So here we go.

    1) Hi Shama, please tell us briefly about yourself and how you got started in this industry and moreover, your forte’ into social media.

    My roots are in academia. I did my thesis on why people use social media (specifically Twitter) when Twitter had only a few thousand users.
    Upon graduation, I found that the corporate world hadn’t caught up yet, so I started my own company – The Marketing Zen Group. I was also being bombarded
    by questions from people on how all this new media stuff really worked, so I wrote a book to help them called “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” –
    which is now in its 3rd edition.

    2) Your company is referred to as “Marketing Zen” – please elaborate how did this name come to be?

    I believe when we use social media and the online tools available to us in the way they were intended to be used,
    the process is seamless. It does take time and effort, but marketing doesn’t have to be a struggle. I’ve always like the concept
    that life doesn’t have to be a struggle. And, our team takes that struggle away for our clients. We provide that zen. We literally
    take over online marketing efforts for our clients so they can focus on growing their business.

    3) You are an avid speaker on the talk show circuit, is there a particular message you want to convey?

    I speak on a many topics, but entrepreneurship and empowering young people is very high on my list.

    4) How important is it to you …read more

  • vamsi_ok-copy

    Price Explorer – Not Your Average Coupon Code Site

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    Many of you may have seen the Price Explorer logo plastered on my Facebook timeline and mentioned in my tweets – well this is a new “fun” project a few of us have undertaken and with all the Google updates and algorithmic changes, the real challenge for us is to see if we can get this baby to rank effectively and efficiently (hopefully before the holiday rush).

    As much as I am the “face” for Price Explorer – the true magic occurs out of a little home in Seattle from a guy named Vamsi Krishna, aka Vam. One of the most unassuming men I have met but probably one of the most intelligent. So what better venue than this for me to tell you a bit about him. I literally had to force him to stop working on the back end of the site to do this so I take great pride in bringing this to you.

    Vamsi – please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got in this industry?

    My wife and me worked on retail and banking industries for many years. Most of the IT companies we interacted with provide only limited services. We saw an opportunity to build a turnkey solution providing company utilizing the amazing talent in India. This thought kick-started Flexaweb Solutions, which provides flexible solutions to clients.

    I worked with retail websites, which publish hundreds of coupons a day. But when we were searching for coupons we couldn’t find a reliable source for these coupons. Having an awesome team with us, we started planning to build something that stands out as a trusted source for coupon codes and promo codes;  henceforth started to work on Price Explorer (


    You are the tech guru behind, how is this different from any other coupon site?

    In a constantly changing world, we got to adapt to new technologies and devices. Price Explorer is the coupon site built for tomorrow. While building the website, we followed the mobile first approach. Price Explorer is easily navigable on any device and automatically adjusts to device orientations.

    Security is one more …read more

  • Affiliate Summit East 2013

    Affiliate Summit East 2013 – The Day After

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    Let me start off by saying that the Affiliate Summit 2013 East was quite productive, inspiring and insightful for the most part but that was mainly because of my attitude going into it. The location unfortunately as well as the show for the most part was a wee bit disappointing and left a lot to be desired.

    Having said that, the Meet Market was quite productive and as a matter of fact I did not even get the chance to do a complete walk-thru as the people and companies I met with there were quite engaging and thus took most of my time.

    There seems to be a shift taking place from the exhibitors exhibiting to the attendees attending. Definitely saw a lot more moms and people whom you would otherwise not expect to be in the affiliate/online marketing space. The most difficult thing for me to digest however was that I was NOT the only Sikh in attendance, which is just downright wrong and unacceptable. ;-) My inside sources tell me that this unidentified individual got a free hug on account of someone thinking it was me – fortunately or unfortunately it was from another guy so it’s all good.

    Being the astute individual I am – I wanted to share some observations and takeaways so you know fully what to expect should the next ASE take place in this location:

    1) The Del Frisco’s was absolutely amazing, definitely better than the one in Vegas and NY. Kudos to Becky our waitress for putting up with our self-deprecating humor.

    2) Downtown Philly can be a scary place and I suggest you use caution and travel in groups.

    3) For whatever reason my internal navigation system just did not want to function optimally, felt very disoriented. I compare my navigational experience to a media buy which had to be split tested and optimized very frequently and on the fly (see what I did there?).

    4) I need to follow my own advice and instincts a lot more. Will leave it at that.

    5) Brent, the CEO of Link Trust is a class act and I want to …read more