Don’t take his word for it – see what others have to say about him and his brilliance.

Ricky is a Pioneer. His knowledge in the industry should be attached by a price tag but often comes with a smile and a handshake. I consider him to be a close friend and mentor if needed. Ricky will go above and beyond to see his reps or piers are happy and successful in whatever they are trying to accomplish.” RODNEY GRANDERSON, GRANDERSON AVENUE

Since the beginning of our collaboration I know him as an energetic and goal-oriented person. Ricky understands new business models quickly and always ready to share with his business clients and partners. He is ahead of innovations and proactively involved with digital advertising community with high professionalism. Ricky possess a deep knowledge of Affiliate Networks and related technologies, he is consistently researching a multiple marketing channels. He is accurate and thorough in his explorations, pays deep attention to details and has no dread of routine work with truly unmatched patience. Ricky Ahuja resembling a GURU with his extraordinary ability to analyze problems and outline necessary options of action is truly invaluable. I had a great pleasure to listen his presentation at Affiliate Summit West this year, Ricky is a true educator with deep knowledge and understanding of digital world of advertising.

It is pleasant to work with Ricky, he is reliable and intelligent person with great sense of business in multiple markets. If you are looking for greatest talent in developing your company innovations for new products, reach out to Ricky. You will be rewarded and enriched with his resourceful and creative approach to out-most challenging projects and easy to execute solutions with great returns on your investments and highest ROI’s.

I am confident that Ricky will continue to be very productive leader. He has my highest recommendations!” SVETLANA SAMBELL, DIGITAL ADVERTISEMENT MANAGEMENT


What can I say about Rick? Hands down, handles business in the most professional manner. His breadth of knowledge of the online industry, experience and network of contacts makes Rick someone to watch in this industry. I’d recommend Rick to any organization as he’ll bring a Strategic outlook and the “roll up his sleeves” work ethic. I often see Rick, burning the midnight oil, not because he has a lot of work to do, but because he is so passionate about what he does in the online space.” ROBIN SKRZYPEK, BANKRATE INSURANCE

“Ricky is a goal-oriented, passionate, and an articulate visionary leader in the performance marketing space. He is service oriented, friendly, extremely talented, and always strives to do whatever it takes to make something work for his clients and colleagues. Truly an A+ colleague.” JACK HYMAN, PHD