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    MaxBounty Presents the Affiliate Ball

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    In preparation for the ASW, I have gotten a chance to know Darren Blatt a bit – the mastermind behind the Affiliate Balls and truth be told, have been pleasantly surprised by his welcoming nature and candidness.  Till now I was never the one to partake in these events, but seems this has become a major force for sponsorships for the Affiliate Summit.

    Wanting to dig a little deeper, I connected with Darren on FB and thought we would do an interview so people can get to know the man behind the funk and the amazing Affiliate Ball – which btw this year is predominantly sponsored by the fine guys over at MaxBounty.

    Darren, tell me a little about how you got started with the Affiliate Ball.

    Back when I was in college at Ohio State I was working for a concert venue. I helped them book artists as I always had a feel for what artists were hot. Having this knowledge of how the whole process worked was key, it’s certainly not an easy thing to do.

    I started marketing online back in 1997. As I attending different trade shows back then I noticed the party scene was all the same. Free drinks at some bar with a DJ. I thought to myself, what if I raised money to pay for big name artists and gave exposure to the sponsors in return. Back then it was to promote my own consulting service which specialized in B2B internet marketing. I would give myself a main sponsorship and share the exposure with other paying sponsors. Well, it worked and my parties only got bigger and better. Over the years I’ve tweaked this model so sponsors can see more of a ROI rather than just branding.

    Now I do this full time and have many online marketing trade shows we do parties at. It started off for selfish reasons and a fun hobby. Now it’s a business model.

    What was/is the purpose of it, more of a social gathering place or a venue to make some serious contacts?

    The purpose was always to give sponsors an alternative marketing platform …read more