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    OPM Rockstar: Jimi Hendrix aka Evan Weber

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    This is a post on one of the truly good guys in the OPM world, Evan Weber, who was kind enough to do a post for me before on how to find an outsourced affiliate marketing company.

    Evan Weber has been in the Online Marketing space since the late 1990s. Areas of expertise include: SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Conversion-rate Optimization, Web Design, and Referral programs. Evan is regarded as an industry leader and a great person to work with in general. No one has more passion for the affiliate industry as Evan and it show in the content and education he produces. That being said – let’s get into it shall we?

    Evan, we’re seeing a lot of changes with Search and Social Media. Does that make things easier or more complicated for your firm?

    All of the changes in Search and Social make it easier for our firm to manage affiliates and put forth the kind of education and strategies that make our affiliate marketers more effective. We try to stay on the cutting-edge of Search and Social so we can share those innovations and techniques with our affiliates. We disperse knowledge and resources through our affiliate newsletters and personalized emails.

    What do you say to clients who are intimidated by taking their business online?

    Most people aren’t afraid to take their business online, it’s just how to go about doing that effectively with the right strategies. Our firm goes as far as completely redesigning and programming client’s websites in order to get them ready to do well with their online marketing approaches. We also employ conversion optimization tools like Optimizely to increase conversion rates on client’s websites so all of their online marketing efforts work better, which allows them to spend more to drive more traffic and customers.

    Is social media marketing something business owners should be trained to do, or should they hire someone to a new position?

    I personally think the best socially media management will come from within the company, but of course you have to have the right person/people on the task with the …read more