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    Weekly Rant By the Affiliate Slayer: Chris Kautz

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    Hoedown Throwdown

    So AT-SF took place a few weeks ago, and if you have to ask me what those acronyms mean, this ain’t for you.   Besides all of the gurus who talk and claim they know the secret to make you a crap load ofBenjamins and brag about the big house, new wheels etc., there are also many parties/ social gatherings.   So what is the point of these so called parties?   Is it branding, a tax write off,   a way to get some biz going?  Or is it something more sinister, adults needing to blow off some steam after staring computers for a great portion of their lives?

    I am going to go with the branding aspect as the main reason why there are parties.   Image is everything in this biz.   If you see network xyz123 sponsoring a major event, than the general thought is they can afford to pay me if I send traffic to them.  And let’s face it, those super aff’s who still live in Mom’s basement are easily recruited if network xyz123 happens to have a few lady AM’s wearing some good old fashioned slut gear.    Ok so here is where I mention a slight disclaimer for all of you PC activists.   Well, besides taking your “PC’ness” and putting somewhere  “where da’ sun don’t shine”, there are many gifted talented, knowledgeable and hard working women within the online marketing industry whom I have I worked with and worked for.   I am just stating fact.

    Anyway back to the almighty question, the point of all of the parties.  Well there many different perspectives.   From the sponsor’s side, it’s a write-off.   Why give the $10k sponsor fee to Uncle Sam to waste on ineffective social redistribution and legislation.  Ok sorry for the political dig, whenever, “write off”, is mentioned around me, I generally go on a political tangent…. So back to the original question- So what is the point of these parties?  What do the sponsors hope to achieve?   Here is my opinion after returning from this paragraph’s tangent, my apologies please; it happens.   It’s tax write-off/branding opp/biz dev op.   …read more