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  • ricky

    6 Takeaways From Affiliate Summit West 2014

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    Let me start off by saying that this was one of the most productive conferences I have been to in a long time. Maybe it was a clear focus or perhaps just the people I ran into, either way it was one that I expect to have a high ROI on. That being said – I have a few takeaways from it that I want to share below:

    1) Regardless of how busy Shawn and Missy and their gang are, they have always taken the time to say hello. They are also a fun batch to party with.

    2) Darrin throws one hell of a party at the Affiliate Ball. Like Shawn and Missy above, will always go out of his way to say hello.

    3) Wiz and the guys from the Millionaire Network had the best booth by far, very classy and exclusive. Wiz is one of the most unassuming guys I have met in a while. Kudos to the whole team.

    4) Pace is on of the most misunderstood guys I have come across. He is actually extremely funny at all the right times. Not sure if that is the alcohol doing its thing – but give him a shout, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    5) Congratulations to all the Top 20 Networks as chosen by mThink. One thing I will say however that few of the top ones have a common characteristic and that is that they are governed by family values and ethics. They all have a front person who does not hide behind a corporate curtain and all extremely approachable. Affiliate Venture Group included. #dontfeartheturban #dontfearthebeard

    6) I can finally say my turban and image have become a undeniable brand. Sure there have been others who have tried – but this guy remains a constant and a recognizable one at that.
  • morganprofile

    Some People Just Piss Me Off

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    Some People Just Piss Me Off

    This is a guest post by Morgan Thomas of Wall of Monitors done for me upon my request at ASW12, many thanks to him for getting it done in such an expeditious manner.

    Affiliate Summit West (or East – holds true for both)

    With ASW this past week I can’t help but look back and see multiple instances where I had been approached on the floor at the meet market and show by people pitching themselves. Now we’ve all had this happen to us and people need to realize that there are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to this.

    Don’t interrupt a conversation with someone else just because you overheard us talking about something interesting. I’ve had plenty of people hear one part of a conversation and interrupt me talking to
    another person about business and trying to interject and wedge themselves and their company into the conversation.

    Have we met before? Well considering I don’t remember you, and when you tell me your name and company and the services you provide I still don’t know who you are please quit insisting that we’ve done business together or that we must have talked in the past.

    Hi “looks at your badge” What do you do tell me a little about your company. You are walking around a show without a booth, I don’t know you, you can’t afford a booth, my time is too valuable and it’s not
    worth it to me to spend the time talking to someone who is just walking the floor trying to pitch your business. Since you hit me up tell me what you do in 1 min or less and I’ll take your card if
    interested don’t try to hold me there to talk to me.

    Also if you ask me for my card, and I say I don’t have one guess what…. I have cards I just didn’t want you calling me. Don’t stand there and ask for my phone number when I tell you I’ll take your card
    and I’ll call you.

    So let’s talk about your card. Your business card says …read more

  • missy1

    Women of Affiliate Marketing: Missy Ward

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    In my blog series Women of Affiliate Marketing – this one I would be willing to bet is one of the more recognizable and influential women around. I hold Missy in the same high regard as I do Shaw Collins and the rest of the Affiliate Summit clan for obvious reasons but I wanted to take this time and dig a little deeper and find out who truly she is. She was kind enough to do this for me so without further adieu – I bring to you the Missy Ward:


    1. Hi Missy, If you would be so kind, please tell us about yourself and what you are currently doing.

    [Missy] Sure, I’m the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, GeekCast.fm, VelocityNYC Press and AffStat.com; the Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine; the Co-Publisher of Revenews.com; VP of Operations for MoneyMindedMoms.com and founder of AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com. For a list of some of my other ventures, you can check out my personal blog at MissyWard.com.

    2. How did you find yourself working in the Affiliate Marketing industry?

    [Missy] I’d like to say that there was something that drew me to it initially, but to be quite honest, I was forced to learn it if I wanted to keep my job. I was told that I needed to launch an affiliate program when I was with Global Travel, so I learned how to do it using the trial by fire method. I became an affiliate of successful programs that were already in existence and worked my way backwards to learn the intricacies of managing a program.

    3. How have you found this industry to be? Was it what you thought it to be?

    [Missy] I feel truly blessed to be working in an industry where I have so many friends. Not the just “see ya at conferences friends”, but the kind that I can call any time to brainstorm with, travel to fun places with and yes, even complain to when no one else will understand me. The folks in this industry are extraordinary people that are successful in their own right. They’ve …read more

  • shawnavatar

    Affiliate Summit – Shawn Collins

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    At the risk of posting too frequently, I did want to get this one out as it is rather timely. It just happens to be his birthday today – Shawn Collins of Affiliate Summit so what better way to start the day then to be featured on my blog. ;-)

    Although I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Shawn almost at every single Affiliate Summit it was not really until an event took place at the Rio that my respect for him (and his team) truly grew. Seemed the whole community came in support of the situation and that has left a lasting impression for me.

    Ever since then, I thought about doing this so what better time than the present.

    1) Hey Shawn, thanks for doing this. Let’s get right into the questions. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and how Affiliate Summit came to be?

    I got into affiliate marketing back in 1997 as an Amazon affiliate. At the time, my site was an AOL homepage, and I learned how to write HTML from an AOL tutorial. Shortly after, I got a job as an affiliate manager for a new startup, medsite.com. I spent the following years figuring out how to be an affiliate and an affiliate manager, since there weren’t resources to help back then.

    In 2000, I was writing a column on affiliate marketing for ClickZ.com, and was approached by Que Publishing to write the book, “Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants.” The book came out in April 2001 and featured my process for running affiliate programs, based on my experience.

    In May 2003, I approached Missy Ward about starting a new conference for the industry, because we had spoken and neither of us was satisfied with what was out there. Six months later, we held the first Affiliate Summit in NYC, and we’re now in our 8th year of continued growth.

    2) What made you decide to pursue a career in Affiliate Marketing? What are some of your recognizable achievements?

    It was more a matter of desperation than anything. I was working in the magazine publishing …read more


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    Just a quick update to let everyone know that the Affiliate Summit West Meet Market (Jan 9-11 2011) has been Sold Out!

    Appearantly, this was the fastest the Meet Market has sold out since they started it in 2006 – just a month after the tables went on sale.

    Shawn and Missy run a class act so not hard to believe.

    Meet Market ASW 2011 Sold Out