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    Asians in Adverting: Plenty of Fish – Ben Louie (AKA – Ben POF)

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    I must admit that in doing this next interview, I had a very selfish motive and much love to Ben for doing this. There has been all this craze of Plenty of Fish dating site and the ridiculous amounts of traffic and data it offers the everyday affiliate – something that Google and FB have turned the shoulder on for the most part. Call me timid, gun-shy, whatever you want – i had not the faintest idea where to start so I thought of approaching Ben and to my pleasant surprise, he agreed. He not only agreed – he took the time to answer each and EVERY question I had in such detail that anyone who was or has been on the fence on advertising on POF can relax. I urge each and everyone of you to read this thoroughly, read it again – tweet it, tweet it again and yeah “Like” it and Like it again for good measure. This is EXCLUSIVE content baby, Happy Fishing!


    1) Ben, please tell us briefly about Ben and how you got started in this industry.

    I grew up as a chubby kid who watched too much WWF and played too many video games. As a result, I have a wild imagination which lends itself quite nicely to advertising. My part-time job during university was doing sales at a classified advertising company that was very print-based at the time. I knew online advertising would be the future but I had no knowledge or experience, so I jumped at the first opportunity to work in the field. PlentyOfFish.com was that company and I’ve never looked back.


    2) When and why did you decide to join POF? Was it the inability of others to deliver or something else?

    Opportunity and freedom. I remember Markus telling me, “You’re going to learn more in 2 months at POF then you will at any other job” and that’s exactly what I needed. He was 100% correct! Most companies have entire departments to do the various tasks that I handle on a day-to-day basis. I never get bored because I’m always learning …read more