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  • Tarina, Journalist in Training

    Inspiring Story of Bethany Hamilton (as told by my 8 year old daughter)

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    Hi everybody, my name is Tarina, Ricky’s daughter. Today I will be talking about the movie,  Soul Surfer. In this movie there is a girl who has a gift of surfing. She is in the water more than land. Everybody says she can do anything and we know she can. One day she goes surfing (like she does everyday) with her friends. Her best friend is Elana. When they are all swimming, while Bethany is paddling – her arm is BITTEN off by a shark!!!  When her mom finds out, she goes immediately goes to the hospital, where her dad is ready to go in surgery himself. He hears that it is his daughter Bethany. He tries to get out of his surgery as fast as he possibly can.


    When she is OK she gets back in the water. When she is in the water for the first time after she was in the hospital it took her a while to get her first wave. But she finally did it. Everybody says she is a living miracle. Soon she is a big hit. Also when she  came home from the hospital there were a bunch of people outside her car. She trains and she trains because she still wants to compete. It is amazing. She does one-hand push ups. (Those are really hard.) :) She competes and gets to the national. A girl who’s really competitive wins. But suddenly she turns around and she shared the trophy with Bethany because she got a huge wave at the end. She was going to win because of that but the judges did not count it. But she did.

    This movie had a really, really,really,really great lesson. Everybody should follow it. She has so much bravery. She lost over half of her blood and survived. When her arm got bit off she did not scream one bit. That might have saved her life. What I learned was that never give up and whatever happens have determination. Thank you for reading this! :) :) :)