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    A Fascinating Story – Big Miracle (As told by my 9 year old daughter)

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    Big Miracle is a great inspiring and touching movie. It is about a whale family Wilma – the mom, Fred – the dad and Bam Bam, of course the baby. It is about three whales who are stuck under the ice in the Arctic circle near Barrow, Alaska. They only have one little hole to use as a breather and the rest is under solid ice and unless they are released into the open ocean within 3 days, they would die.

    Everybody worked soooooo hard to help the whales find a way to the ocean which was blocked by massive solid ice. No breathing hole at all!  There were some not to nice people who obviously did not like the whales and had their own ideas.

    The baby whale Bam Bam had Pneumonia. There are a lot of surprising scenes in this movie. A lot of people had real undying determination to save the whales. At one point one whale – well sorry I can’t tell you. You have to watch the movie to find out.

    I say you should watch it. It might not be for everybody bit I loved it. The lesson learned is that if we all come together and work together – we can overcome any problems at all.

    Please send comments if you want me to do more reviews for movies. I always take requests on any movies you want me to review. But remember I am nine years old.