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    What Can Brown Do For You: BlueTrackMedia.com – Shaz Amin

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    I know it has been a while since my previous post but all good things come to those who wait. This next interview is with Shaz Amin – not only does he run a tight incent network but he gives brown people a good name when it comes to ballin, a rarity indeed.

    I am especially pleased to do this interview as he was one of my first publishers at AVG and delivered consistent volume and quality and was always more than willing to communicate openly and transparently. I think you will all enjoy this one immensely so here we go:

    1) Shaz, tell us briefly about yourself and how you got started in this industry and moreover, your forte’ into the whole Incent arena

    Rick, first I want to say that I’m honored to be featured on your blog. I’m a long-time reader and I’m proud of how far you have come as a reliable industry personality. I’m going to do my best to give you a meaningful interview about our business and about myself, might be a “tldr” type of interview in some cases though. You’ve been warned!

    It’s funny how easily I can talk about myself when no one is asking, but when asked, I can’t think of anything to say. Let’s start from the beginning: I’ve been in this industry for approximately 7 years, during which time I sort of climbed up the ladder from being one of the users who would sign up to receive a “free iPod,” to starting an incentive advertising agency. I was introduced to this industry when I was a very young teen by a personal friend, whom I’m sure you know, Fehzan Ali, co-owner of Adscend Media. RocketBills and Bonus Network were some of my early companies that had great success as well as helped me to understand the incentive industry as a whole.

    In early 2009, while I was in college, I was ready to move one more step up the ladder and invested my time and resources into creating Blue Track Media. Our niche remains in the incentive space and we are …read more