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  • Agencies That Give Back

    Bet You Didn’t Know What These 6 Agencies are Up To

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    Why are we in business? 9 out of 10 internet/affiliate marketers surveyed will tell you the obvious choice, to make money. Totally understandable, we all have bills to pay and this recent Federal shutdown obviously hasn’t helped. However, while that should be one of your reasons, it shouldn’t be the main goal. The popular way of thinking about this now is known as the law of attraction. When you focus on the good things that you can do for those around you, you start attracting what you want to you. Your focus shifts to all of the wonderful and positive things you want in your life.

    The purpose of any business is to solve a problem or fill a need. You do it by offering a product or service to the customer. If there is no need fulfilled or problem solved, there are no customers and therefore, no business. But there’s more and it always goes back to the customer. Every successful business owes it’s well-being to their customers and where do those people come from? Hopefully, you responded with, “the community” or in our case the “virtual community”.

    So how does one go about giving back? The obvious choice is to fund local charities or ones close to your heart. You know, like the children’s clubs, churches and local chapters of national organizations (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.). They can be of any size as long as someone benefits. You spread good will and establish yourself as an upstanding member of the community.

    Here are some companies doing good in our industry and certainly worth mentioning. BTW there are countless others that give also but specifically requested not to be mentioned as they prefer to give anonymously.


    Jen Mansfield @ DigThrive

    We donate a part of our profits to the WWF (http://worldwildlife.org/) as we’re big animal lovers. Our re-brand consists of using extinct animals on our site and our media materials. You can see our “coming soon” page here:  http://www.wearedig.com/  


    Chad French @ PeerFly.com

    Every year we give and help raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis and the Rotary Club. We also just gave/raised $25k for …read more