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  • Photo Courtesy of Florida Times-Union

    Cash Back Shopping, GreenBackStreet.com CEO – Bill Levine

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    This next interview is an exciting one for me on multiple levels. I happen to come across this company when I was searching for “Cash Back Shopping” on Google and then I happened to realize these guys were based out of Jacksonville, FL – my old stomping grounds. The more I looked into it – the more it became evident that this was not your typical “Get Cash Back” type of site, they actually have some patent pending technology in place that totally blew my mind.

    I therefore decided to reach out to them and the founder, Bill Levine was nice enough to get back to me in a very responsive manner.

    Bill grew up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and after graduating in 1970 from Alderson-Broaddus College, with a major in Political Science and minors in Psychology, Sociology, Economics, and Philosophy, Bill married his college sweetheart, Stephany (Stevie).

    In 1972, Bill joined his first direct to consumer marketing company. He was trained by the leaders and founders of the direct to consumer industry in the US.  This experience lead to the founding of Network Planning, Inc. where he developed productivity management and training programs which he sold to Fortune 500 companies such as McDonalds, as well as to leading direct to consumer companies in America like Excel Communications, Amway and U.S. Sprint.

    In 1990, while the telecommunications industry was waging a small price war, Bill formed Distributech Communications Int’l Inc, and quickly gained industry recognition for his ”zero out your phone bill” concept, marketing his long distance products through independent contractors, in a traditional business model.

    In December of 1995, Pinnacle Communications Int’l Inc. was formed, initially to sell long distance phone service, through direct to consumer marketing.  With the advent of the Internet, Bill saw an opportunity to take the zero out concept into a much larger arena, thus Shop4Zero was born. Shop4Zero was re-branded to GreenBackStreet in January of 2008 by a leading advertiser firm in Minnesota.

    Married for 41 years, Bill has two beautiful children, Aaron and Samantha, who along with Stevie work with him in making Pinnacle Communications, and GreenBackStreet.com the best loyalty …read more