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    You Have a Friend at CPATrend

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    I am especially please to post this next interview as he is truly a stand up guy in a typically not so stand up industry. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions and truly a breath of fresh air. I am thankful for him taking the time to do this in-depth interview so here it goes.

    Phil, tell us something about yourself

    My name is Philip Shapiro, I’m 22 years old and was born, raised, and reside in NY.  I’m the owner of the affiliate network CPATrend, which has been by far my greatest achievement as an entrepreneur.  A few random things about me:  I’m a huge sports fan, I play the guitar (unfortunately terribly), and I’m a work-a-holic, just like you Ricky!

    How did you get you get a start in this industry?

    I’ve owned various online companies/websites since I was 13 years old.  A friend of mine at the time got me involved.  He owned a game server provider for games like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, etc.  He got me involved and we partnered up on it.  At age 13, we had an operation with 6 dedicated servers across the country, and 75 monthly clients.  We then ventures onto different things, messing around with YPN when it was in Beta version, followed by getting into affiliate marketing with incentivized websites.  After running a GPT site, I moved my incentivized focus over to the TV show site niche.  I purchased up just about every single major tv show streaming site until I built a network of 25 sites, all ranking #1-2 for multiple major keywords in google, delivering insane amounts of traffic.  I monetized with content unlockers and pulled in 6 figures from that network of sites.  In the meantime, I had been an affiliate marketer at various affiliate networks and felt that I had the right background, experience, knowledge, and capital to start my own network, which looking back was pretty accurate.

    Tell us something about CPATrend

    CPATrend isn’t like every network out there.  We’re a small network, but we’re competing with the large networks both figuratively …read more