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    Women of Affiliate Marketing: Tovah Simon

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    Well, it’s that time – for my next piece on Women of Affiliate Marketing and I must admit this was a truly enjoyable one for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting Tovah over the past few shows and we just seemed to click. Maybe it is my charm, good looks or just the fact that they need good lead providers – who knows :-).  So without further adieu, I bring to you Tovah.

    1)  Hey Tovah, if you would be so kind, please tell us about yourself and what you are currently doing.

    I am a Midwesterner at heart but feeling more like an official Angeleno each passing year (almost 6 and counting). I’m a big fan of photography, movies and games; funny people and serving up healthy doses of sarcasm. I’m currently the Vice President of Marketing at Walla Media. I have my hands in a lot of things, but primarily oversee the daily operations of our agency and boutique network; managing a fabulous team, and our intimate list of publishers and advertisers. Basically I eat, sleep and dream DISH Network and other high converting offers.

    2)    How did you find yourself working in the Affiliate Marketing industry?

    After selling my set design/construction company in 2008, I wanted to move back into the direction of my educational roots in Advertising (and let’s be honest, the other degree in Psychology hasn’t hurt either ;). Seeing print as a dying medium, I sought positions that were more relevant to building a career –online marketing made perfect sense. I happened across an ESP/email software licensing company and broke into my first gig in the biz – haven’t looked back since.

    3)    How have you found this industry to be? Was it what you thought it to be?

    It took a long time to figure out what this industry even was! I’m still learning every day and that is exactly what I love most about it. There are a lot of elements I was not necessarily expecting but hoping for – a lot of energy, fast paced, thinking/solving on the fly, and centered completely around relationships. But just …read more