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  • Random Act of Kindness

    Random Act of Kindness

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    This occurs when someone assists someone else – for no reason at all.

    This can be done by simple things like adding a quarter to a meter so the person doesn’t get a parking ticket, letting the person behind you in the grocery line go ahead because they have a couple of items to your maximum 15 or something so simple as helping someone pick up their items they dropped while in a hurry. I observed my 8 year old daughter doing this and I am 100% certain she did not get this trait from me but more so the wife.

    This Random Act of Kindness is done with no expectation of receiving anything in return. So why then do people partake in this? Because there are still genuine good hearted people left in this world.

    Why am i writing this? Slow day at the office? No – we are in the midst of shifting to a new platform.

    Just because I happened to come across this insanely touching video:

    I ask you – have you practiced any random act of kindness (and not terminating a fraudulent affiliate does not constitute an act of kindness)?

    What have you done?