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    When a Reserve Isn’t a Good Thing

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    Slayers and pretend to be Slayers, it has been quite a while since the last official rant on RickyAhuja.com.  What can I say, the Affiliate Slayer’s services and skills have been in high demand.   In other words genius’ I have been busy and I still am busy, so consider yourself lucky once again for the opportunity to embrace this rant.   So like all other rants of mine, they aren’t well thought out.  I know it’s difficult to imagine that dueto my skill, my rants aren’t planned.  So truth be told, rants are inspired by something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly, such as the subject of this fine rant- Commission withholdings of 15%.

    That’s right, there is an advertiser who withholds 15% every pay period to prevent against fraud.   This is what they refer to as a “Reserve”.   Ok so you are always supposed to look at the fine print, however that freakin’ 15% is basically our profit margin and some cases more than our profit margin.   WTF,   this is a first as they are withholding 15%. It’s not a pub’s revenue; it’s just an overall temporary 15% scrub.  This is never communicated to us in the first place and I am quite surprised this is done.   Normally when we pay commissions, it’s 100% earnings based upon an agreed billing cycle.   So here is how one scenario would go if we knew going into this biz relationship that there would be a withholding.

    Advertiser:  “So we want you to run our offers, but we are going to hold 15% for an extended period of time to make sure we don’t get screwed with your traffic or anybody’s traffic.

    Me: That sounds like a fantastic freakin’ deal.  Thanks for the privilege of allowing me to get screwed and basically work for free.   Will our commissions at least include some Vaseline to make it a little less painful?

    Advertiser: What do you mean free?  You are still getting paid 85% of your commissions.

    Me: Wow thanks your generosity is overwhelming.   So basically you are hanging onto our profit margin.   Traffic and managing your offers doesn’t require any …read more