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    Top 20 Useful Freeware Applications for Affiliate Marketing

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    Today’s post is to share some applications, based on years of sieving and experimentation. You’ll find many of them very handy. The amazing thing is – they are all freeware!

    Total count: 20.

    E-mail: Gmail. Not exactly a software since it’s web mail, but its hands down the best email managing system IMO. (and I’ve used other email clients before like Outlook, Lotus, Yahoo).
    Browser: Google Chrome. I switched from Firefox last year. It took some getting used to in the first week. But after that, I started loving Chrome. I love that it lets you shift your tabs around, unlike Firefox. It also lets you “pin” your frequently accessed pages so it becomes a small icon on the navigation. It’s fast, minimalistic in interface,  and very reliable as a browser.
    Calendar: GCal. Keeps all my schedules in check, and it’s web-based so you can access it anywhere – even your phone if it has the web-surfing function
    Task Shuffler: Ever felt the need to move the programs around in your task bar? I know I do. This is an extremely handy program that allows you to do just that, simply via clicking/dragging/dropping. For Windows only. (Special thanks to reader Matt for sharing!)
    Screen Capture: Snipping Tool if you are using Windows Vista (in built), Zap Grab if you are using other platforms. Just click and grab any part of the screen, and you have your image. Extremely useful.
    Automated Computer Shut Down: Switch Off. Automatically Shuts down/Hibernates/Restarts/Logs Off your computer at a time you input. Great if you are downloading something which is taking a while but you need to leave your computer before it finishes.
    Document Processor: Libre Office. This is almost a direct clone of MS Office set (Powerpoint, Word, Excel) – about 99.9% similar. I find it hard to believe that this is free! The only issue I’ve experienced so far is the slight change in formatting when you convert to MS office extensions (.doc, .xls) – but it’s manageable.
    PDFPDF Creator. Libre Office already comes with an inbuilt pdf creator. But if you …read more