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  • Does Email Drive More Traffic to Retailer Websites Than Social Media

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    There was an article in WebProNews.com by Mike Sachoff concluding that traditional media still provides a better ROI than social media (findings provided by Foresee Results). Some key findings from their report include:

    Traditional marketing techniques like promotional emails influence not only more traffic; they deliver better-quality traffic. Some of the most satisfied site visitors arrived at the site because of previous familiarity with a brand, promotional emails, word-of-mouth, and product review websites. Most people want to engage with retailers, but but prefer to do so via email or on retail websites, rather than on social sites. In fact, only 8% of online shoppers said that’s social media was their preferred way to interact with a retailer. People are more satisfied with retailers’ presence on Facebook than they are with Facebook itself. While I would tend to agree with these findings – I am not so sure the traffic on our affiliate network would justify these results.

    Do you find email marketing to be more effective than social media? Talk about it in the comments below.