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    What Every Dad Should Know About Their Daughter

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    This is a post by Gina McClain | January 24, 2012 |

    This was a post shared with me by a friend of mine and having a daughter myself – I thought it imperative to share with you all, especially the dads out there who have a daughter.


    Last week I was dropping my daughter off for a birthday party.  As I was leaving a man stopped me asking for direction.  He was standing with one of my daughter’s school friends.  Immediately recognizing her I put my hand out and introduced myself explaining that our daughters sit together at lunch often.  His reaction was sarcastic as he gave his daughter a side-ways glance.  I didn’t fully catch what he said but whatever it was it didn’t honor his daughter in any way.  Looking at her I could tell this was not abnormal behavior.

    I’ll be honest… I wanted to punch him.

    It’s challenging to articulate the influence a father has on a little girl.  How much of his attitude and actions toward her can determine her future relationships.  I remember how much stock I placed in what my dad thought of me.  I remember how much I wanted him to be proud of me.  To affirm me.  To show me my value.

    I remember how he would brag about me on the sidelines of the soccer field.

    How he would tell me I’m beautiful.

    How he would hug me so hard I couldn’t breathe.

    How often he reminded me as a teenager, “Never date a boy you wouldn’t marry.”
    (What a way to narrow the playing field!)

    Dad’s, don’t lose sight of the impact you have today on your daughter’s future.  Here are three things I encourage you to focus on:

    Affirm Her

    She looks to you for affirmation, encouragement, & guidance.  As she grows through puberty (ESPECIALLY, as she grows through puberty), she needs your voice reminding her that she is beautiful, valuable and worthy of love.  If she can learn to believe you, then she’ll believe her future husband when he tells her the same things. 

    Set the Standard

    Be …read more