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    What Can Brown Do For You: AdscendMedia.com – Fehzan Ali

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    Fehzan “Lock It Up” Ali

    I am hoping UPS doesn’t come after me for using their tagline in the title but a few of us felt it appropriate for the round of interviews I have coming up with some Indians oh and yes Pakis as well. I will start off by saying that we (India) totally destroyed (well not destroyed but did give a beat down) them in World Cup Cricket but we have nothing on them when it comes to Content Unlocking (pretty cheesy segue).
    This is where a 21 year old dominates the industry and I bring you his story below. His name is Fehzan Ali – AKA Fez. He can often be found at the affiliate conferences  surrounded by pleasing eye candy when he is not conducting cough cough business.
    1) Fez, tell us briefly about yourself and how you got started in this industry and moreover, your forte’ into the whole Content Unlocking arena.

    I’m 21 years old, currently a full time student at the University of Texas at Austin (go Longhorns), and run Adscend Media along side my team full time! I started in the industry at about 15 just creating random websites and monetizing them. When I was 17, I got very serious and opened my own referral incentive website called MacroBucks. The model of business was for users to refer their friends and complete free trials/purchase offers to earn towards a gift. For example, it would take 2 referrals to earn a prize equivalent of $80. I no longer run it, but between 2007 and 2009 we shipped over $700,000 worth of free gifts to our users and it was a big success.

    I met a ton of people along the way and decided to open Adscend Media with Jeremy Bash in August 2008 and we launched in February 2009. My inclination was to stay within the incentivized industry and that led us to developing a content unlocker. From there, we started realizing the possibilities of content unlocking with legitimate content and the rest is history!

    2) Do you think being a Pakistani in this industry has hindered or …read more