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    What Does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

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    It’s almost turkey time, Thanksgiving is just a few day away, yummmm (yes, the Red Robin jingle). It seems to come around quicker and quicker every year! One thing that I always ask myself this time of year as I am sure you do, “what does Thanksgiving mean to me?”

    It seems like it would be such a simple question, but I find myself being thankful for the same things. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing, but shouldn’t we really find something different to be thankful on top of everything else that we already have been?

    I have been pondering this question the entire month. What else could I possibly add to my list besides my family, friends, and health? I just had no clue! I am thankful for each one of those things, but it actually seemed kind of selfish to be to not be thankful for more.

    Then it hit me the other day while I was picking up a few odds and ends in preparation of the big day. I had already gone through the store and got all the items that I needed too. When I arrived at the checkout line I spotted a disgruntled lady, begging the cashier to run her food stamp card just one time. This woman, who was an older lady, was told by the cashier that the system had been down all day. No matter how many times that she tried to run the card that it would not work because the system was still down.

    Normally, I would have been just mildly sympathetic for a woman in this situation. Even slightly agitated that she was holding up a line full of customers waiting to pay for their own groceries. The woman had apparently been up there already for a good amount of time, as the customers behind her were visibly annoyed at the scene that she was creating. Some of them even mumbling to where the woman could hear them, “she needed to hurry up, that her card was no good today”. I could see myself also becoming one of …read more