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    What I Learned From My 8 Year Old Daughter

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    Top 3 Things I Learned from My Daughter

    There will be no post on any affiliate marketing related topic today (as I cleverly utilize the keyword “affiliate marketing” for SEO purposes) as Saturday is my adorable daughter Tarina’s 9th birthday. She is by far THE most precious gift life has given us so far. When the worries of the world are relentlessly on your shoulder, just a cozy good night hug at night time or a happy jolly “Good Morning Daddy” in the day time melts all the worries away.

    I am totally amazed by watching her grow day by day and where she gets her maturity I have absolutely no idea (well I do, it is from the wife). She has a keen ability to put things in perspective and I have learned more from her then I have from any self-help book. Below I share with you the Top 3 Things I Learned from My Daughter:


    1. Love is the same, only people are different

    Her mom has a very special relationship with her. She teaches her stuff (math, reading, life, theory of relativity, robotics, etc). They have this mutual respect for each other that defies pure logic. If there is a life lesson to be learned – off to mom she goes. With me, she and I are all about going to the movies, going out to eat, father daughter dates, bowling, Starbucks – you know, the FUN stuff. Every now and then I get to be the disciplinarian – but she is a good girl for the most part and totally knows how to play me, but I am ok with it. ;-) With her grandparents, she’s always inventing new moves or activities. Love is the same and comes from the inside; it’s not a function of the person you love.


    2. Making friends is a snap

    I’m amazed by her capacity to relate and communicate with people whom she meets for the first time. When we eat out, every waiter is always trying to talk with her and she is always so responsive, as if she knows them from …read more