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    A Piece of Cake

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    I am especially pleased to announce this next interview and it is with none other than the CEO of Cake Marketing, Jeff McCollum. We all know the BS we went through with our previous tracking platform and Jeff and his team went out of their way to “help” us. Ever since then I have been a major fan of his and finally caught up with him at ASW2012.

    1)    Hi there Jeff, please tell us something about yourself and how you got your start in this industry?

    Growing up in Palo Alto I was surrounded with some of the most amazing cutting edge companies, which sparked my interest in pursuing jobs within the “technology” field post college.  My first job after college was at Netscape and it was there that I learned just how essential innovation, creativity and the ability to move fast really was. Several years later a friend introduced me to the world of Performance Based Marketing and I immediately knew that everything I was so passionate about was the very foundation ofthis unique industry.

    2)    Tell me something new and exciting about Cake Marketing and your role specifically.

    We are constantly improving and developing the product with feedback from our clients and expanding into new markets, both internationally and domestically. So it is a very exciting time for us. One of the most notable features this month is the release of step pixels, which allows payouts on multiple steps of a user’s session and generates new streams of revenue for affiliates. In addition, the Cake platform functions as a full service solution, offering a lead distribution platform to maximize ROI by selling the data generated from hosted offers.Now if I have to pick one of the most exciting things to date, it’s hands down the release of our mobile app which allows network owners and affiliates to remotely manage all of their business operations.

    What I really enjoy is working directly with clients to fully understand their business, the direction of it, and their goals so that we can work alongside them to make things happen. Whether …read more