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    I am PISSED and I Know It

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    How many pieces of candy did you allow your kid to take? WTF

    So the family and I decided to take our 18 month boy to the tree lighting ceremony at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond last night.   For those of you still living in your mom’s basement, live under a rock, aren’t aware of the good stuff, the Jefferson is just slightly nicer than your standard super 8.  Shoot it’s 5 freakin stars biatches, deal with that.  And since it has been a while,  like 167 years since my last rant, I figured tis the season to rant about something random, but in the grand scheme of things,  the subject of this rant is greatly effecting this great country and society in general.  Don’t worry I will return to the rant aspect of this freakin’ rant.

    So anyway the lighting ceremony is a first class setup and free to the public.  Needless to say it is a tradition and many show up, standing room only.   Now this Rant has nothing to do with anything with Jefferson, but the behavior and entitlement that we witnessed.     There were complimentary refreshments served along with goodies, candy and cookies etc.   Anyway, the kids were grabbing this stuff by the handful and we aren’t just talking about people without means, but those lacking some serious class, more like some ungrateful entitled , I deserve everything put in front of me, and it should be free folks.    Class is something that is blind to how much money you have, just look at the internet marketing industry.    The parents of these brats also participated and grabbed a ton for themselves.   I guess they have no sense of shame nor did they consider there were other besides the other  500 people.

    Yes even the Aff Slayer has class and common sense, and I must as a parent do not take this lightly.  Damnit!   There I go again getting serious again, going on a tangent regarding responsibility.  This makes me really sick.  So anyway these spoiled brats and moronic classless parents took so much candy, they were sitting in the …read more