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    5 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

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    Kitna Sona Rab Na Banaya

    As many of you may have noticed – I have been somewhat removed from the online world/social media over the course of a few weeks and now just starting to get back into a “normal” routine. Without going into too many details in this post (a more comprehensive post will follow later), I had shall we say a major back operation that has allowed me to reflect on many aspects of my life, all of which I will blog on in the upcoming weeks and months.

    I am not one to boast about too many things or people, but in this case, I can’t help it. In fact, I have and make no apologies.  I think it is crucially important to me to celebrate a special person in my life – my partner, wife, and best friend.  Sadly, it took an event like this for me to realize what I have but you better believe, this is not something I plan on forgetting anytime soon. I am amazed and astonished by my wife, Navleen – even more so now after 16 years of marriage.  Not only do I love her but…I respect her deeply.



    We have been together for over 16 years now and but this event allowed me to realize and understand the “other side” of her as a physician and a wife. I feel very fortunate to say the least; the care I received was second-to-none.

    One of the first things I noticed, not once during the whole ordeal did she ever leave my side. This had not so much to do with her being a physician and wanting to ensure everything was done properly, but because I wanted her by my side, simple. How she was able to juggle between joining a new practice while still working at her previous group and constantly being by my side is beyond me.

    I was also quite impressed with the care I received. She was totally committed to making me as comfortable as possible. She was very proactive with pain control, especially since …read more