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    LinkedIn Marketing for Retailers – The Audiences on LinkedIn That Will Double Your Sales Guaranteed

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    During a presentation that I was giving at a small business owner’s boot camp, I was asked a very interesting question by one of the attendees:

    “I am targeting consumers and homeowners – how can LinkedIn help me as it’s a B2B social media network? Should I be focusing just on Facebook which is more consumer oriented? And, if I should be on LinkedIn, how can I best utilize it to help me obtain more business and clients?”

    My Answer to How Retailers That Are B2C Companies Can Use LinkedIn Marketing

    One of the biggest advantages of using LinkedIn if you are a B2B business is being able to access targeted prospects. Now, it’s quite difficult to do that if you are a B2C company as business professionals are there for these purposes:

    * Build and cultivate profitable relationships
    * Get the information they need to develop.

    However, that doesn’t mean you should not be using LinkedIn marketing and just stick to Facebook and Twitter. Use Facebook and Twitter to build your community of prospects – but use LinkedIn marketing to attract these three audiences that can double your sales guaranteed:

    Media Professionals

    A recent study showed that 92% of all journalists are on LinkedIn which is more than any other social networking site. This means that you have more access to individuals who are looking to quote experts like you or publish articles regarding your industry and how you can help your prospective clients. By reaching out to these journalists you can develop meaningful and valuable relationships as they will come to think of you as the expert in your field and ask for your information when they are putting together their next piece. This extra publicity will give you more exposure to even more prospects and enhance your credibility so prospects will want to buy from you.

    Referral Sources

    Through LinkedIn you can build and enhance relationships with key influencers who can provide you with access to prospects you would otherwise not have known, met or done business with. A referral source is a valuable tool because it is a third party endorsement and they can act as your …read more