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    Company Spotlight: Mid Atlantic Waterproofing – Basements.com

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    Mid Atlantic Waterproofing Wins the Torch Award



    Having grown up in Maryland for the most part, I have always seen or heard commercials from the next feature in the CEO Spotlight, Mid Atlantic Waterproofing. It was either a catchy ditty on the radio or reading a blurb in the paper about them receiving another award from the BBB. How does a very successful company which has been so old school in their advertising make the change to online marketing and do it the right way? This is what I set out to find when I interviewed their team. Here it goes:

    1) Charles, please tell us a bit about Basements.com (Mid Atlantic Waterproofing) – how long have you been around and what sets you apart from others in the industry?

    Mid Atlantic Waterproofing has been around since 1965. We have a patent pending system that sets us apart from all our competitors. Most of the products we use are exclusively manufactured for Mid Atlantic Waterproofing.

    2) How do people know they’re finding a quality product from your services?

    Our service call ratio is less than 1%. We just received the BBB Torch Award for business excellence in Delaware. In 2009, we received the same award for Maryland. We have been listed by Qualified Remodelers as one of the Top 20 home remodeling companies in the last 10 years.

    3) Are you an adequate replacement for old-fashioned water proofers?

    Absolutely. We utilize state of the art techniques. Old methods such as excavation are not always necessary. There are many alternatives out there these days, many of which are less invasive than outside excavation.

    4) You recently won the Torch Award from the BBB, congratulations on that! Talk to me about what it takes to build a successful and a reputed business.

    It takes years of building to accomplish what we have in customer service. One by one the building blocks have been laid in place to establish a very STRONG foundation and brand. All of our customers are surveyed after their installation to determine if they are satisfied. If they have any concerns, …read more