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    Some People Just Piss Me Off

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    Some People Just Piss Me Off

    This is a guest post by Morgan Thomas of Wall of Monitors done for me upon my request at ASW12, many thanks to him for getting it done in such an expeditious manner.

    Affiliate Summit West (or East – holds true for both)

    With ASW this past week I can’t help but look back and see multiple instances where I had been approached on the floor at the meet market and show by people pitching themselves. Now we’ve all had this happen to us and people need to realize that there are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to this.

    Don’t interrupt a conversation with someone else just because you overheard us talking about something interesting. I’ve had plenty of people hear one part of a conversation and interrupt me talking to
    another person about business and trying to interject and wedge themselves and their company into the conversation.

    Have we met before? Well considering I don’t remember you, and when you tell me your name and company and the services you provide I still don’t know who you are please quit insisting that we’ve done business together or that we must have talked in the past.

    Hi “looks at your badge” What do you do tell me a little about your company. You are walking around a show without a booth, I don’t know you, you can’t afford a booth, my time is too valuable and it’s not
    worth it to me to spend the time talking to someone who is just walking the floor trying to pitch your business. Since you hit me up tell me what you do in 1 min or less and I’ll take your card if
    interested don’t try to hold me there to talk to me.

    Also if you ask me for my card, and I say I don’t have one guess what…. I have cards I just didn’t want you calling me. Don’t stand there and ask for my phone number when I tell you I’ll take your card
    and I’ll call you.

    So let’s talk about your card. Your business card says …read more