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    Get Your Kick at CPAFix

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    I have just recently gotten a chance to know Oliver and came across his forum and thought I would give a test drive and I must say, I was impressed with his response and support. Based on this – I reached out to him to do an interview and immediately got a response and so here it is. Enjoy!

    Oliver, please tell us a little about yourself.

    Hello, my name is Oliver Kenyon I’m a full time entrepreneur and internet marketer from South West England. I’m 24, and recently launched my first ever company Okenyon Webs. Most people know me as K and for being the founder of the refreshing new project CPAFix. 2012 is the first full year for my company and we are all extremely excited for the forthcoming projects.

    How did you get you get a start in this industry?

    Well, I have always been fascinated with the online industry but I trained and qualified as a Chef. I was working around the clock in the kitchen and managing to squeeze in all the time I could online, one thing led to another and someone introduced me to a very popular CPA network. I made my first $ about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since. When I started to see what sort of money could be made I spent all my spare time reading guides and asking my peers questions until I found successful formula’s. I then thought how tough it can be as a newbie in this industry and how no one is willing to share unless you have something to offer them. I feel it can be quite a selfish industry so I created CPAFix, a welcoming and friendly place for people to help each other achieve success no matter what your background is!

    Tell us something about CPAFix and company.

    I started CPAFix about 6months ago and after it’s overwhelming initial success I decided to re design and put my heart into the site. It was AMAZING the reception it got, I never imagined it would be so good so quick. We already have over …read more